The rumours of its demise seem to be exaggerated

As you are aware Cam’s unexpected, unfortunate, unhelpful and unscheduled ‘sabbatical’ due to the nasty stroke which requires enforced rest and no stress means he cannot contribute to Whaleoil.

This has been the situation for a few months now so are the rumours true? Is Whaleoil a spent force? Is it going under without the Boss at the helm?

What do the independent Alexa rankings tell us?

We last looked at the numbers in January, Read that post if you need to catch up on what Alexa rankings mean. In short, the lower the number the more traffic the site has. Google has a world ranking of 1.

Here is a comparison of the data from that post as at 14 January 2019 with the data as at 7 April 2019. Colour has been added to show who is up and who is down. WR = World rank, NZ = NZ rank.

Political blogWR Jan 19NZ Jan 19WR Apr 19NZ Apr 19,1059138,39363,89726850,790126,646425217,027529,1281233442,8771523 766,1192649781,0304560

In January, Whaleoil was 15 places behind Newshub. That gap has closed to 13 this month. Compare the marketing dollars behind Newshub (MediaWorks), the staffing levels, the corporate backing, the CEO salary etc.

But without you, the loyal readers, the ranking would be abysmal. You are the friends who return and click on the article titles, read the posts, make the comments that give this site a community feeling.

R&BAvenger summed it up wonderfully in a comment back in January: Quote.

I believe one reason WOBH ranks where it does is that while tending more to a conservative/libertarian outlook, a breadth of topics are covered and a breadth of views are entertained.

There is an underlying drive to get to the truth via it’s articles and getting to the truth can entail an number of articles delving into the same topic.
The standard of articles written is excellent, as is the research and thinking that underpins them.

Often the writers point to the source material or logic that leads them to write the viewpoint they are expressing. Opinions are supported with facts, not stated as facts.

Alternative opinions or viewpoints are given an opportunity to be published.

Overall, there is balance in what is published.

The moderation of the comments section is another key factor. It is a team effort. High standards are expected of commentators so that discourse doesn’t plunge the depths of outright verbal abuse that plagues the commenting sections of other blogs.

There’s a process involving suspension from commenting and a way back if one can learn from their errors (Twice in my own case).

There’s also a breadth of alternative items such as the Sudoko, Crossword, Video items, along with General Debate and Backchat, which adds to the mix of items that one may be drawn to at WOBH.

Lastly, the subscription model allows people a range of options to select, depending on their budget.
Given the dearth of MSM propaganda posing as fact, people are looking for an alternative.
They are free to decide whether it’s worth supporting this site financially.
Given that many, like myself, cancelled newspaper subscriptions long ago, we do have the spare cash to subscribe and given the quality of content/product, do. End quote.

Thanks, R&BAvenger – there is an opening in the marketing team for you. 🙂