The sickly march of protein-deficient fanatics

How would these fanatics like it if hundreds of masked farmers kicked down their doors and called it a “protest”?

Science has shown that not only was animal protein essential for the evolution of the human brain, but that excluding animal protein carries a strong risk of poor development, especially of the brain, in infants. Small-brained dogs are also prone to congenital problems that make them over-aggressive, as anyone who?s ever had to deal with a snarling, yapping chihuahua would know.

This likely explains the gibbering lunacy and swivel-eyed aggression of vegan activists. It?s bad enough when these brain-deprived nitwits incessantly yap about being vegan. The problem now is that they?re turning more and more insanely aggressive.

That these militant loons are being allowed to run amok in law-abiding peoples? homes and workplaces is only encouraging worse. Quote:

Protests are being held in NSW, Victoria and Queensland where activists are chaining themselves to equipment in abattoirs and farms.

Nine people have already been arrested at a Goubourn abattoir in NSW shortly after 2.30am this morning and had to be forcibly removed from the premises by police. End of quote:

These are not ?protests?: they?re violent home invasions. They ought to be treated as such. Instead, they?ll almost certainly be indulged by the courts. For too long these vicious zealots have been mollycoddled by police and tacitly encouraged by authorities. When vegan activists raided a family farm in Gippsland, Victoria, last year, and stole livestock, police took no action. Instead of treating them as they were, aggravated burglary and theft, police all-but pleaded with the thieves.

As anyone who?s ever raised a toddler knows, indulgence only encourages worse behaviour. Quote:

Aussie Farms has instructed protesters to turn up to Hyde Park in Sydney?s CBD this morning with a ?full tank of fuel? and comfortable shoes where they are said to be heading out to farms across the state.

Vegan activists parked a van in the middle of the Flinders Street and Swanston Street intersection in Melbourne?s CBD which stopped trams and morning peak hour traffic?

In Queensland, activists chained themselves to equipment at Carey Brothers meatworks in Yangan and a number of other abattoirs across the state.

?They demanded three sheep before they would leave the premises. Disappointingly their demands were met and they exited,? Green Shirts Movement QLD, who is monitoring the protests, said on Facebook. End of quote.

This is blatant extortion. These nutcases are getting more extreme by the day. Yet, they are allowed to flout the law, even as they drive law-abiding citizens out of business. Quote:

The protests come a day after a Gippsland goat farm cafe was forced to cease trading in a separate incident. The owners said they feared for their health and safety from ?abusive vegan activists?.

?Our staff and customers have been subjected to nearly four months of constant harassment, vile statements and threats from the abusive vegan activists,? the owners said in a Facebook post last night. End of quote.


The lawlessness of these microcephalic militants is getting out of hand. How long will it be before farmers are assaulted or even killed?

Farms are not only perfectly legal businesses, they?re also family homes. Hundreds of masked invaders forcing their way into peoples? homes is a level of insanity that should never be tolerated in a civil society. Notably, the co-ordinator of these attacks, Chris Delforce, refused to divulge his own phone number during a recent radio interview. These cowards can dish it out, but they?re obviously too afraid to be held to their own standard.