The ‘sisterhood’ is not about empowering women at all

Lushington Brady

Australian political commentator Lushington Brady’s Incite article tomorrow morning is about the “sisterhood.”

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Here is a taste of what is inside…

“When Gladys Berejiklian won a stunning victory in the recent New South Wales state election, you might assume that feminists would be ecstatic. Think again. The reaction across the feminist-left spectrum was near-universal disappointment and disdain.
While feminists and leftists champion female quotas as supposedly empowering women, the reality is that quotas are creatures of the left, through and through. Their agenda has much less to do with advancing women than it does for bludgeoning politics with a leftist agenda. This has nothing to do with equality and everything to do with power.
The ?sisterhood? is not about empowering women at all. It?s about empowering the left.

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