The Spinoff imitates Whaleoil

Photoshopped image credit Technomage

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery so we at Whaleoil are flattered that the Spinoff has attempted to copy one aspect of our winning formula. Whaleoil is known for having amusing satirical images with many of its articles. The above image is just one example. We are very careful to clearly label them as photoshopped however as due to the skill of our Photoshoppers, some of our very first images like the one below were taken seriously by some readers.

Believe it or not, the plastic bag hanging from the handlebars was added by Whaleoil photoshopper Pixy and so was the shopping basket on the back, its contents and the Watermelon helmet inside the front basket. Even the plants behind the back of the bike were added which just goes to show that you cannot believe everything you see in a photo these days.

JAG with shopping bags. Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

The Spinoff recently put the below image of Simon Bridges with one of their articles but they failed to clearly label the image as a digitally altered image which is a beginners mistake. I am sure that after reading my post they will not do it again.

Fake image published on The SpinofF
REAL image published on the Spinoff

It is pretty hilarious although completely understandable that the Spinoff is imitating Whaleoil as I am sure that its Editor would love to have the kind of traffic that Whaleoil has.

WH last analysed the numbers for us in January. The key thing you need to understand about interpreting the numbers is that the lower the number the more traffic the site has. Google has a world ranking of 1.

Here is a comparison of the data from WH?s post on the 14th of January 2019 with the data on the 7th of April 2019. Colour has been added to show who is up and who is down. WR = World rank, NZ = NZ rank.

As you can see the Spinoff looks pretty sick when compared with New Zealand’s number one blog but to be fair so do all other New Zealand blogs.

And it’s not just the Spinoff. In January, Whaleoil was 15 places behind Newshub but that gap closed to 13 this month.

I can’t blame the Spinoff for attempting to bring humour to their articles with photoshopped photos as humour is another aspect of Whaleoil’s winning formula. However, I caution them that the secret is to poke fun at all the political parties and all their leaders not just to pick on one side only.

We will know that the Spinoff has grown up when they are able to mock Jacinda Ardern as happily as they mock soon to be ex-leader of the National party Simon Bridges.