The stupidity of the Left

Photo: The Independent

It doesn?t matter where you look in major western democracies, the Left are becoming progressively more deranged. The derangement involves both young and old. They make decisions without due process and therefore with no idea of the consequences. Everything is based on their flawed ideology.

In England, a FAR LEFT eco group, (yes they do exist), called Extinction Rebellion are planning to bring London to a standstill over the next two weeks. They intend to form human barricades at key traffic points around the city to commence a period of rebellion.

One idea is to super glue their hands to objects in the road. Their goal, apart from causing chaos, is to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2025 which would mean no more fossil fuels. In other words, they want to return Britain to the dark ages.

Extinction Rebellion wants to break up the political class and replace it with a process called sortition ? in which randomly selected people, without reference to ability or training, would be appointed as decision-makers in a People?s Assembly. In order to gain maximum publicity, they are hoping three to four hundred will go to prison and two to three thousand more will be arrested.

In America, the Left are very keen to accommodate illegal immigrants and are happy to let them all in; purely as an anti-Trump strategy. They are very keen on their Sanctuary Cities but when Trump suggests that?s where the illegals could go, they – including Pelosi, who lives in one – lose their collective minds. They have been trumped by Trump, who has shown them up for their endless hypocrisy. This is before we even get to Cortez and Omar, both of whom are dangerous subversives.

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Australia is going to the polls. Labor, like Labour here, are fixated on their idea of who is a rich prick. Own a few shares and in Shifty Shorten?s eyes you?re a rich prick and will get hit accordingly. Take from the rich, redistribute, and all will be well. They?re not interested in growing the pie.

In Canada, Justin Trudeau, like Cindy, is keen on fancy dress. He is a political snowflake and he now wants to shut down free speech in order to keep everyone safe. He?s currently embroiled in a political scandal and is flip-flopping on immigration. It appears he?s doing and saying whatever it takes to save his skin.

And so to little old New Zealand and what do the Left here have in common with the Left in the other countries I have mentioned?

  • Dressing up
  • Going after the rich pricks and redistributing the wealth
  • Endless hypocrisy
  • Two dangerous subversives in Golriz Ghahraman and Marama Davidson
  • Taking us back to the dark ages
  • Shutting down free speech.

If the Left, including Ardern, the UN and the EU, get their way with their anti-democratic agendas, the world will become a very parlous place in which to live, particularly in terms of economic health and well being.