The Sunday Roast

Who did the readers give a good old Kiwi roasting this week? 

Unfortunately, what with visitors on Saturday and relatives from other parts arriving Sunday, there simply was not time to put on a roast this week, so I had to pop down to Burger King.

Poor little snowflake Maria Mo got her chopsticks in a tangle over a BK advert that was one of a series showing people making hard work of eating their burgers. Boxing gloves, toy grab arms and overly large chopsticks. All very silly but only one was “racist”.

Oh noes, the dreaded ‘R’ word. Once that is uttered common sense disappears and rationality is useless. It seems there is simply no defence against a complaint of racism. The curious thing is, there does not even have to be a ‘race’ involved for the SJBs to roll this one out.

So Mo rolled out the race card.

Metricman ordered a ‘Double Whopper’TM with a side of pity: Quote.

What a miserable sad existence this person must have to endure. Am I allowed to feel sorry for her, or is that likely to be offensive, in which case can I be even more sorry. End quote.

Malcolm chipped in with: Quote.

These types are so weak and inefectual that being outraged and offended is the only way they can experience a bit of self empowerment, albeit briefly, in their miserable lives by using the MSM to bully others.

As I mentioned above, they are doing themselves no favours for their future and possible job prospects unless of course their only ambition is to get a trough job at some University or similar. End quote.

Rod ordered the ‘Angry Steakhouse’TM with sarcasm sauce. Quote.

I was brought up and lived my whole life in New Zealand, where the ability to laugh at anything and everything has been a way of life. It has been my life, and Maria Mo is belittling my life and the way I live it. I am hugely offended. She owes me and other New Zealanders an apology, but when I think of the enormity of the offence she has caused me, is an apology enough?
A little sarcasm here, but only a little. End quote.

GeigerCounter asked for for the ‘Creamy Mayo Double Cheeseburger’TM with extra indignation: Quote.

If she doesn’t have advertising or Humour in Korea that is fine, but youngster needs to know she will not come here and tell ME I am not allowed advertising or a sense of Humour in My Country. However that is exactly what has happened and I hope we can be united in boycotting BK and also complain that Ads featuring gay people are offensive to many cultures from overseas, but the overseas part ceases to matter now. End quote.

Healthy eater, Whitenoise zeroed in on the ‘Wholemeal Wrap’TM with extra spicy offence dressing: Quote.

Boy, these muppets really are wired differently to normal people, they must spend a huge part of their lives searching relentlessly for things to be “offended” over!, if they can make it into a racist “offense” then even better, imagine if they channelled that energy into something more productive, they may even discover life is so much better lived without the perpetual “offence Anger” ruling their existence! End quote.

Derka derka finished off with a ‘Kiwi Crunch Sundae’TM smothered in reality syrup: Quote.

I would have thought it was a bit of fun, showing people clumsily using chopsticks and making fun of them for being clumsy. Nothing about race (obviously) or insulting Asian heritage (obviously). BK should not have apologised, since it implies they have done something wrong. Now the types of people casting around for perceived micro aggressions can smell blood in the water. End quote.