The Sunday Roast

Who did the readers give a good old Kiwi roasting this week? 

There was simply no question about it, it had to be a pork roast this Sunday after the readers got very annoyed at Susan Devoy telling porkies. Just in case you were unaware, the events in Christchurch were the fault of op-ed writers. Susan said so.

Because you [op-ed writers] helped make it happen. You helped normalise hatred in our country. You helped those murderers [sic] feel that they [sic] were representing the thoughts of ordinary New Zealanders.


What absolute errant twaddle! One Australian loser, seemingly without any help from anyone, came to our fair shores and delivered death and pain. No ordinary Kiwis, not even op-ed writers were responsible.

Poppa sure wasn’t having a bar of any of Devoy’s implied guilt: Quote.

I feel as much guilt about Christchurch, as my office cleaner (who is Muslim) feels about the events of 9/11. Zero. We get on just fine. End quote.

Flattanker certainly did not appreciate being on the end of her guilt trip: Quote.

If I can understand this double speak of Devoy. When Muslims attack, it’s not all Muslim, lone wolf and mental health. But when the ball bounces the other way, it is our fault not the terrorist. Do they really think we are that stupid that we can’t see the hypocrisy??? End quote.

There was some general discussion around the table about Devoy’s appointment to the Race Relations Commissioner role. Bob started us off with: Quote.

It’s a shame when people believe that being in one field of expertise you can shift into another with similar effect. Sorry , but that experiment in Devoy’s case failed spectacularly. She was horrendous . And doesn’t know when to let it go. End quote.

And KatB chimed in with a tongue in cheek analogy: Quote.

It is a curious thing isn’t it. Imagine if the surgeon doing your surgery was a retired top sportsman and he got the surgery gig, not because he’d been to medical school, but because he was top in his field of sport. End quote.

Big_Al let us know what he really thought: Quote.

What an absolute load of verbal garbage she is spouting. She was not only useless in her job but continues to show her racism and is encouraging disharmony here in NZ. She needs to be gagged. End quote.

And that was all that was needed for Katie100 to launch into the fray: Quote.

Susan Devoy needs to stop digging a big hole for herself. She insults New Zealanders by suggesting they are complicit in the shooting by creating the climate that encouraged the shooter. As a previous Race Relations Commissioner, she herself is now guilty of stirring up hatred.

Yes, it’s true, we rail against the ideology that has inspired so many acts of terrorism in recent years. We are constantly told that not all Muslims subscribe to political Islam and that they deserve to be protected from any backlash following a terrorist incident.
In contrast, we now have SD blaming all critics of political Islam for inspiring Tarrant and of having blood on their hands.

She cannot have it both ways. I look forward to her suggestion that all Muslims who attend a mosque and listen to sermons that promote hatred of Jews and Christians are complicit in the acts of terrorism in Europe and America that have killed thousands of people. I won’t be holding my breath. End quote.

Everybody sat back an inwardly digested what Katie100 had said and Too true lightened the atmosphere around the table with a quip: Quote.

Obviously too many squash balls have connected with her head over the years. End quote.

As we supped the last of our dinner drinks Boondecker shared his method for coping with idiots and charlatans like the Dame: Quote.

The simplest way to deal with societal simpletons is to put them all into one box mentally. This Devoy person sits alongside Ardern, Ghahraman and Davidson in mine. That way their annoyance factor is ?compartmentalised?. Life is good otherwise. End quote.