The Sunday Roast

Who did the readers give a good old Kiwi roasting this week? 

Dear Leader was our stand-out winner for a roasting this week. Even on a short week with no parliament and a day honouring our servicemen and women for ANZAC, Dear Leader topped the roasting charts a number of times.

Monday’s roasting was over her mealy-mouthed statement following the horrendous atrocity in Sri Lanka.

Tuesday’s roasting was after her ‘saving the world from social media’ comments.

Back to Sri Lanka for Thursday’s roasting.

But it was an article from Whaleoil’s shiny new writer that really got people exercised. Ellan Vannin really struck a chord with her wonderful article about not needing our Dear Leader as our mother.

Many related directly to the story Ellan told and howmar echoed many others with his thanks to Ellan: Quote.

Thankyou Ellan for coming to Whaleoil and sharing your very well-thought-out comments. You have a refreshing in-depth way of parting with your life experiences that I’m sure will resonate here immensely. End quote.

So how did the conversation over the dinner table go down as we tucked into the roast?

Bob Down led off with: Quote.

I agree totally with the sentiments expressed, well said.
I am, reluctantly it must be said, 68 years old, so even I have gleaned some knowledge along the way, and one of the things I have come to detest is the interfering “mother knows best” type of busy body, male or female, who feel it necessary to impose their views upon everyone they come into contact with.
How dare this air headed woman, who has failed spectacularly with all her earnest promises, have the unmitigated gall and pomposity to tell me what I can and cannot see, and what I can and cannot do. End quote.

Allan chipped in with: Quote.

Anything that the Fairy Princess says or does I tend to be totally opposed to so I ignore her although I must admit she is really beginning to annoy me big time with her continued kowtowing to Islam and wearing of the hijab. Her hypocrisy knows no limit. I have nothing but contempt for her. End quote.

It may have been Linz or it may have been Jo, I don’t remember but Linz N Jo suggested that Dear Leader may simply be a product of her generation, but they were not giving her a free-pass: Quote.

I dont think you can put all the blame on Princess Cindy this is what the past generation of PC BS artists and who can we blame goons has manifest itself into. She knows no better and so shuts the door on anything she does not understand. (You can add to the list anytime)
I like the saying just because you dont understand it does not mean it is wrong. She is the high priestess of this. And yet she is now the worlds mouthpiece on that nasty Interwebby thing. End quote.

Kerry Farmer threw in a bit of Kiwi sarcasm: Quote.

You miss the main point. You are not fit and capable of watching it. But she is!!!

[Great article – I am older than you and was bought up in the same way. NZ is a great country – i will fight to defend that greatness] End quote.

And Charlie suggested that being a mother to Neve was probably a better use of her time that trying to be a mother to the rest of us: Quote.

Unfortunately the country is now ruled by people with very little experience of the real world, working, running business’, getting outdoors and having a go at the “impossible”/
When I think back to my childhood we did things that todays cotton wool generation will never experience and yet we are responsible, law abiding, well thought of members of the community, who had a great time pushing the (legal) boundarys. You don’t learn this stuff by sitting in a political studies group at university and then wishing to rule everyones lives. Looks like the Labour “NANNY STATE” is back with us. Jacinda would be better off spending the never to be repeated time with her baby and concentrate on bringing her up and leave the rest of us to lead our own lives without unneeded state interference. End quote.

Wibble rounded off the conversation with: Quote.

I think it says a lot about Jacinda’s own mind that she thinks all people are like helpless children, and need the mother state to do their “group-thinking” for them. If a person is incapable of independent thought themselves, they probably assume that all others are like that too. We have a Peter-Pan government made up of spoilt children who have never grown up. End quote.