The UK is anti-Christian

The last Christian Image credit: Spectator

Someone should tell the Queen, head of the Church of England and defender of the faith, that her country is not the bastion of Christian faith it once was.

These days it bullies its Christian preachers and ignores cries for help from persecuted Christians overseas.

Perhaps the Queen already knows or perhaps keeping herself cloistered away means she?d rather not know. What could she do anyway? It?s a little too late.

Famous Brits like William Wilberforce, founder of the movement to abolish slavery, could not have predicted England?s fall from grace. If he were alive today, rest assured, he would not be silent.

And neither would erudite friends C S Lewis and J R Tolkien who first met as young professors in Oxford in 1926 over their shared faith and love of literature. They too would have much to say about the demise of Britain’s Christian faith. Quote.

…if it hadn’t been for the friendship between Tolkien and Lewis, the world would likely never have seen The Narnia Chronicles, The Lord of the Rings, and much else.? End of quote.

Christianity today

Some Christian organisations still beaver away on behalf of persecuted Christians but their efforts stall at Britain’s borders. Quote.

Britain’s inaction on behalf of the persecuted Middle Eastern minorities makes its government look horrendous. The Sunday Times recently wrote of the UK government:

“The Home Office has repeatedly failed to give sanctuary in Britain to a fair proportion of Christians, Yazidis and Druze, according to figures obtained under freedom of information laws by Barnabas Fund, which helps persecuted Christians overseas.

“The finding that it appears to discriminate in favour of Muslisms [sic] risks embarrassing the government which has begun a review, ordered by the foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, into the global persecution of Christians.

“When he announced the review on Boxing Day, Hunt cited estimates of about 215m [million] Christians suffering persecution around the world and suggested Britain had not been generous enough.”

That is putting it mildly. According to the Sunday Times, of the 4,850 Syrians accepted in 2017 by the Home Office, 4,572 were Sunni Muslims; only 11 were Christians.


According to figures for the second quarter of 2018, of the 1,197 Syrians accepted into the UK, 1,047 were Sunnis and 10 were Christians.

There was no mention at all of Yazidis, despite the genocide committed against them in 2014, when ISIS terrorists stormed the predominantly Yazidi city of Sinjar in northern Iraq and proceeded to destroy Yezidi shrines and murder, abduct and rape the Yazidis. 200,000 people fled Sinjar and around 50,000 took refuge on Mount Sinjar.

To this day, Yazidi refugees are still living there in tents and in unimaginable poverty, waiting for help from a world that has completely forgotten them.? End of quote.


None of the Christians who made Britain the nation of compassion and tolerance that it used to be would have walked past these current injustices or treated people of other faiths with such disdain.