The Whaleoil engine room

Let’s peek behind the scenes

If you have ever wondered just how Whaleoil manages to create so much varied and interesting content 7 days a week the answer is our hardworking, loyal and dedicated team of Whaleoil volunteers.

At the moment we have 49 volunteers (and that is not counting those wonderful individuals who regularly send me links to great videos or photos for View from your window)

It is 100% a team effort and we work together co-operatively in the Whaleoil engine room.

The engine room was a real game changer for Whaleoil and Whaleoil writer WH deserves all the credit for its creation. Essentially the Whaleoil engine room brought the team together in one place and enables us all to communicate with each other as if we were all in a physical office.

It made a huge difference as previously we could only communicate one on one via e-mail with each individual volunteer. This was slow and very time- consuming.

With the creation of the engine room, all of a sudden the writing team could communicate with the photoshopping team and images could be made to suit an upcoming article. This was a lot of fun for both the photoshoppers and the writers as now they got to chat with each other and brainstorm ideas.

Writers now could communicate directly with each other or as part of a group. Being able to discuss topics and share ideas boosted creativity for all of us.

Our research team was now able to chat to the writers about what information they needed.

Our new writers and quiz makers no longer had to rely on me for all their help and training as they could ask the existing writers and quiz makers for tips and guidance.

My favourite part of the Engine room has to be the proofreading team. Thanks to them each article now gets at least 2 pairs of eyes checking it before it goes live.

Best of all the engine room also acts as the Whaleoil water cooler. We often hang around chatting and chewing the fat, sharing our personal challenges, photos and funny stories.

So now you all know our secret. We are able to produce new content every half hour from 6.15am till 9pm at night because of the Whaleoil engine room and because of our amazing team of volunteers.

I want to thank them all, each and every one for their incredible support over the past six months since Cam had his stroke. There is no way that I could have kept Whaleoil going without their help and their emotional support.

The writers increased their output in order to ensure that Cam’s timeslots were filled. The proofreaders told me to hand over articles to them that I didn’t have time to proofread. In short, the team ensured that Whaleoil did not falter even as behind the scenes all hell was breaking loose and I was personally a complete mess.