The White Nationalist who wasn’t

The MSM recently got very excited this week as they went on a witch hunt to find a juicy target. He seemed to fit all their talking points. There was talk of him wearing Pro-Trump clothing and of being a White Nationalist. They were wetting their pants with excitement. We were told that he had made a public nuisance of himself, being horrible to people outside a mosque and that the police were now looking for him.

Keeping the spin alive that White supremacy is a growing movement in New Zealand and that there are White Nationalists under every rock is what the MSM are depending on right now to sell papers. They can only milk the Christchurch tragedy for so long and they need new evidence of hate and division in our society in order to advance the narrative of hatred and division.

Finally they found the guy and then the stories abruptly stopped.

Disappointingly his surname really didn’t suit the White Nationalist theme story ? it was Tuapawa. He wasn’t a member of any Nationalist groups. Instead, he was a man who had stopped taking his anti-anxiety medication and who was on drugs and alcohol at the time of the incident. Far from being a card-carrying White supremacist, he was extremely apologetic and embarrassed by his behaviour.

The reporters must have been deeply disappointed. quote.

A man wearing a Trump shirt who abused people outside a mosque targeted in the Christchurch terror attack wants to say sorry to the victims of his insulting behaviour.
Daniel Nicholas Tuapawa, 33, a labourer, says he cannot remember his actions, has nothing against Muslim people, and was shocked and distressed when police showed him the video taken by a witness.

[…] He pleaded guilty to “being in a public place when he behaved in an insulting manner that was likely in the circumstances to cause violence against persons to start”.

[…] About 4.30pm on Wednesday, Tuapawa, wearing a black shirt with the words “Trump for New Zealand” on the back, yelled abuse at members of the Muslim community gathered at Masjid Al Noor on Deans Ave, where more than 40 people were shot dead in the March 15 terror attack.
He yelled: “I am sick of these f?wits, they need to f? off,” and “All Muslims are terrorists, they should get the f? out of here”, and “I’m over these Muslims and they need to leave”.
Two armed police officers were present at the mosque, but did not arrest him. He walked off through Hagley Park. Six officers worked all day Thursday to try find the man, arresting him that night.

[…] Defence counsel Steven Hembrow said Tuapawa was deeply ashamed and could not explain his behaviour.
He said he had gone walking through the park, stopped to look at flowers and could not remember what happened next.

[…] Hembrow said Tuapawa had a history of alcohol and drug abuse, and had stopped his medication for anxiety for some time before this incident.
Tuapawa said outside court that he had blackouts and needed to get his mental health “sorted”.

[…] He said he was “so sorry” about what he said and had not realised he said what he did. “I’m very sorry and I would shake their hand. I’m sorry, I am.”