There is no humour Left

This is what passes for “comedy” in 2019: a sourpuss lesbian with the soul of an elderly spinster school-marm, sternly lecturing you on what an awful person you are.

In many ancient societies, bards occupied a special, uniquely protected status. In a pre-literate culture, bards were the custodians of knowledge and tradition, especially the chronicling of the deeds and stories of the great and good. A ruler who dared offend the bards risked being passed down to history as a tyrant, or worse, a joke.

There is, after all, nothing a tyrant dreads more than being laughed at. ?Every Joke is a Tiny Revolution?, Orwell said. The Chinese communists have banned humour app Neihan Duanzi. Even Winnie-the-Pooh is banned from Chinese social media because of its perceived slight at chubby Xi Xinping.

The gimlet-eyed inquisitors of modern leftism are no different. Comedy is under attack from the soulless tyrants of the Long March through the institutions. Quote:

So, a bunch of painfully unfunny comics attack a comedic genius, Barry Humphries, for being ?transphobic? and remove his name from a once prestigious award. Welcome to comedy in 2019, where the laughs are scarce and offence-taking is at epidemic proportions. The decision by festival organisers to dump Humphries? name from the major prize and rename the Barry Award the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Award illustrates how comedy has lost its way in the age of political correctness. End of quote.

Like authoritarians from the Nazis to the Communists, the new commissars of comedy are also shameless liars. The very next day after banning Humphries? name from its awards, the MICA insisted that there was no place for censorship at the festival. They really think we?re that blind. Quote:

But why stop at renaming the Barry? In the interests of truth in advertising most modern comics should be renamed activists or smug preachers or, if we?re being generous, woke social commentators.

Take Hannah Gadsby, a Barry winner, who is ?comfortable? not being funny after the success of her comedy special, Nanette which she admits ?wasn?t funny?. You don?t say. End of quote.

I suffered through too much of Nanette. Not one person watching laughed. This, from the alleged pinnacle of comedy in 2018. The once-brilliant Brooklyn Nine-Nine has descended into a laugh-free series of Very Special episodes, hectoring its audience on every ?woke? grievance imaginable. At the same time, comedy genius like Seinfeld and even the trite sitcom Friends are now frowned upon for being ?problematic?. John Cleese snips that the BBC refuses to re-run Monty Python. Mel Brooks glumly concedes that possibly the greatest comedy of all time, Blazing Saddles, would not be allowed.

But the genius of Blazing Saddles is precisely that it is so offensive. When Howard Johnson reels in shock at ?our new?nigger?? gasps precede the belly-laugh. Along the way, Blazing Saddles draws the teeth of racism by making it so ridiculous. Quote:

As long as it was funny it didn?t matter if the material was offensive, insensitive or just wrong; sometimes the funniest jokes are rooted in tragedy and uncomfortable truths.

The late, great Joan Rivers wasn?t afraid to include taboo topics in her routine, including jokes about the Palestinian conflict, transgender women, her husband?s suicide and caring for a handicapped partner.

?Comedy is to make everybody laugh at everything and deal with things, you idiot,? Rivers shouted at a heckler who was offended by her jokes about Helen Keller?

But now we are in the age of post-comedy comics?and woe betide any comedian who dares commit wrongthink and expresses a view outside the echo chamber of far Left leaning comics and their band of media enablers. End of quote.

Why would anyone bother paying good money for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival? Everyone knows exactly what the alleged ?comics? are going to say on the limited roster of topics they?re permitted. Quote:

Humphries is ostensibly being punished for his views on transgender rights.

Last year, he said: ?How many different kinds of lavatory can you have? And it?s pretty evil when it?s preached to children by crazy teachers??Gadsby is among the modern comics to lambast Humphries for his worldview?It?s adorable when fringe dwellers think they speak for the majority.

Humphries? views on transgender toilets and the indoctrination of children in radical gender theory is far more mainstream, and amusing, than anything uttered by Gadsby; but not among the woke cohort of comics appearing at the MICF. End of quote.


The late Ayatollah Khomeini famously said that ?There is no humor in Islam?. There are no laughs in the left?s echo-chamber, either. Just the dutiful applause of loyal apparatchiks. Modern comedy has all the soulless obedience to authority of a Pyongyang adoration of the Dear Leader, with none of the gaudy theatricality.

Comedy today is about as funny as a commissar in grey overalls delivering a PowerPoint presentation of The Little Red Book.