Things that make me go hmm

Things that make me go hmm

On the 9am news yesterday on Newstalk, there were two conflicting news items. First, there was an item about mosques being guarded by police during Ramadan. This was followed by an item about Mallard talking to the Turkey President assuring the president that the attack on the 15th of March was a one-off.

So the question is, if it was a one-off then why do New Zealand mosques need police security during Ramadan?

Listen from 1:17

Also, why were Christian churches not protected by police during the week of Easter but there are police resources available to guard mosques for the month of Ramadan?

Could it be because Ramadan is referred to colloquially as the Ramadan Bombathon?

I wonder how this has affected alcohol checkpoints and police ability to guard weapons confiscated from gun owners? How many police were busy guarding the Palmerston North mosque when eleven guns were stolen from their district headquarters I wonder?