Thought crimes of the disgruntled

Photoshop image credit Boondecker

More than 100 people – “including white supremacists, Muslim converts and people left disgruntled by the Christchurch terror attack – are being actively monitored by police” according to this article in Stuff.

The synonyms of ‘disgruntled‘ include:
dissatisfied, discontented, aggrieved, resentful, fed up, displeased, unhappy, disappointed, disaffected, angry, irate, annoyed, cross, exasperated, indignant, vexed, irritated, piqued, irked, put out, out of temper, sulky, sullen, petulant, peevish, grumpy, churlish, and testy.
Slang synonyms of disgruntled include:
peeved, miffed, aggravated, hacked off, riled, peed off, hot under the collar, in a huff, cheesed off, browned off, narked, eggy, not best pleased, teed off, ticked off.

Have we left anybody in New Zealand out of the scope of those who are ‘disgruntled‘ and are possibly being actively monitored by the police? Quote.

Stuff has obtained part of a top secret list that names those who are of concern to police following the March 15 terror attack. Stuff has chosen not to name anyone on the list or contact them for security reasons.

The list, which is understood to have included more than 100 people, includes “disaffected” [see list above] people with firearm licences, and others with racist and radical views. Police appear to be placing a large focus on social media, with one person making it onto the list for posting “concerning information”, including how to make their own live feed on social media. […] End quote.

Someone posted a tutorial online about how to use a legal online service. On the list, for you! Quote.

Stuff understands the list was created as part of the intelligence phase of Operation Whakahumanu*. The nationwide operation, put into place following the attacks, is coordinated through the Police National Headquarters in Wellington.

Police deputy commissioner Mike Clement told Stuff the operation was designed to reassure New Zealanders. […] End quote.

Not feeling reassured here, the similarities to the excesses by police in the UK are more frightening than reassuring. Quote.

Since March 15, New Zealanders had been asked to be “particularly vigilant” and report any concerns to police so a proper assessment could be made, Clement said.

“While the number of reports has increased since the Christchurch attack, fundamental to being safe and feeling safe is the willingness of people to report behaviours that concern them.

“As a result of the help of the community [we have] spoken with many individuals across New Zealand and in a few instances interventions including arrests have been undertaken.” […]

“A lot of it is generated through people telling us, looking through social media and other information streams that come into the mix. You scan your information sources, you then analyse those information sources and get to a point you can assess the risk of the threat level.” […] End quote.


If any of this sounds like the beginnings of our very own NZ Stasi then it is probably just because you are disgruntled with the way things are going in New Zealand at the moment.

One wonders how many of our fantastic front-line police are buying into this nonsense from HQ.

* No online service offered a translation of ‘whakahumanu’ so your guess is as good as anyone’s.