Time for another go at dear old Audrey


I?d love to know the brand of Kool-aid Audrey Young has been drinking because reading her column in the Weekend Herald makes it seem like it could bring on hallucinations. The heading for the article was…

No reason for Ardern to be martyred over CGT.

Yes, there are. Plenty. It was her Captain?s Call. She made it a flagship policy, and not having a clue how to implement it, set up a working group at huge taxpayer expense. The sub-headline reads…

NZ First acts reasonably in exercising veto.

No they most certainly did not. A reasonable and indeed responsible approach would have been to tell Jacinda right at the beginning that they would not have a bar of it. Instead, they allowed the fiasco to proceed at a huge and unwarranted expense to the taxpayers.

Audrey starts her article by saying the trenchant criticism over the government?s failure to agree on a tax cut is both unwarranted and ridiculous. How criticising Jacinda’s ideological dream that NZ First was never going to agree to is unwarranted is beyond me.

Audrey talks about the unrealistic left who say she should have beaten Winston Peters into submission. She got that right. You can?t beat Winston full stop. He?s the ringmaster of the circus.

Next up she focuses on the arrogant right who believe the tax should never have been investigated by a Tax Working Group. There is nothing arrogant about people with enough common sense to see the diabolical way this was going to end. AS. IT. HAS.

Then, according to Audrey, there?s the opportunistic right who will construe any failure to reach an agreement as a failure of her leadership. Let?s deal in facts, shall we? Her leadership has failed right from day one when Winston took control.

Audrey says the criticism of Sir Michael Cullen is mostly unwarranted as well. She says he was a perfectly fine choice for the job. Really? In terms of someone who has been hell bent on crucifying so called rich pricks all his political life, yes he was a great choice. If however you were looking for an outcome based on objective analysis and sound reasoning then he qualified as being the last cab off the rank.

The most ridiculous criticism, according to Audrey, since CGT is dead, is that Ardern has failed to control her coalition partner and this is so last century. Far from being last century, this is the reality of MMP today.

She won?t control him because she can?t. It?s highly debatable as to whether she would if she could.

In Audrey?s own words there is NO MANDATE FOR A CGT, which should have been the focus of her article. She could then have explored the reasons why this debacle was foisted upon us. Nothing more than a gigantic rip off of the taxpayers.