Titahi Bay RSA’s inappropriate & disrespectful decision

Titahi Bay RSA

After 9/11 in America people were shocked when some members of the Muslim community tried to use the tragedy to push for a mosque to be built at the site of the terror attack. It was an incredibly inappropriate, disrespectful and tone deaf suggestion that quite understandably created outrage.

Now in New Zealand, another tragedy and terror attack is being used to try to push the ideology of Islam into places where it has no reason to be. It is incredibly disrespectful, inappropriate and tone-deaf of the Titahi Bay RSA to invite a Muslim Imam to read an Islamic prayer from the Koran at their ANZAC day dawn service.

Islam has no place at all in ANZAC day commemorations.

As reader Rantykiwi commented yesterday

What beggars belief is that the whole fiasco is being driven by a soldier who served in Afghanistan ? one would think he was well acquainted with the horrors committed in the name of Islam in that war and would know better.

He was not the only Whaleoil reader shocked by the news.

I was shocked to hear that some idiot is advocating a Koranic prayer at their ANZAC service. My wife informed me this morning and it’s as if I’d had a jolt from an electric fence. Coming on top of the Crusaders debacle and the vomit-inducing forelock tugging of the perpetually offended is just too much to bear.

Has no one read of the horrors suffered by the British, including ANZACS, after the fall of Kut on April 29th 1916, when ~12,000 {numbers vary} prisoners were marched 700 miles in the desert heat to captivity and 4,250 died of routine brutality and cruelty?

A quote from Adam Claasen’s excellent book “Fearless: The Extraordinary Story of New Zealand’s Great War Airmen” by one Francis Yeats-Brown who recorded the arrival of the walking dead at Mosul.

“I saw a party of twenty English soldiers, who had been marched from Kirkuk across the mountains, arriving moribund on the barrack square of Mosul. They were literally skeletons alive, and they brought with them three skeletons dead. One of the living men kept making piteous signs to his mouth with the stump of an arm in which maggots crawled. Presently he died in a fit.”

I’m certain that these men would not appreciate an Islamic prayer at a Memorial service in their name.

When will the pandering to Islam stop?

Dave of the West Bank