Too late for Bridges

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Bridges should have invested in a truthfulness gauge before he got caught lying not once, not twice, but three times (and maybe four). Most of us have the in-built version. Quote.

The National party staffer described by Leader Simon Bridges as a “junior” is, in fact, a former Ministerial press secretary who has played a crucial role in the party’s agricultural and environmental policy areas

POLITIK has learned that he is Brian Anderton who was worked for the National Party in Parliament for six years.

But he is now on leave and the subject of a Parliamentary Services investigation because he unilaterally took down an anti-immigration petition from the National Party website on the night of the Christchurch mosque shooting.? End of quote.


This external bullshit-o-meter can?t save Bridges now; there is only one direction for him to go after being caught out. Here is the first lie from his media team. Quote.

The weekend after the shooting Bridges? media team told journalists,? the petition had been deleted before the shooting.? End of quote.

Bridges? media team lied about when the petition was taken down but what did Bridges do when he had to answer further questions about it? He could have told the truth right then and there. He didn’t, choosing to add lie number two. Quote.

However on the Tuesday after the shooting, Bridges said he understood it had been deleted as a matter of ?routine activity?.End of quote.

I guess he hoped that he would get away with this one and the subject would end right there. He did sneak that little word “understood” in there to give himself a bit of latitude. And perhaps he thought his team would support him. That they didn’t tells us something about his leadership. Here is lie number three. Quote.

?What in fact happened, I learned this morning, was that a junior staffer who was incredibly emotional on Friday night and took it upon themselves to delete it.?

end of quote.

Mr Bridges is very slow to learn the merits of telling the truth.

It was not a junior staffer, it was a former ministerial press secretary who probably got angry rather than “incredibly emotional.” Bridges’ unnecessary dishonest behaviour includes a possible fourth lie. Is this an indication of a serial liar? Quote.

? Those comments have angered some caucus members.? End of quote.

I can imagine. Bridges will take them all down with him if he is allowed to continue. Now that his party don?t trust him, they?ll be sneaking around behind his back planning the timing of his demise and arranging his replacement.

The public won?t trust him either.

Habitual lying only works for as long as you are clever enough to get away with it, generally short term, because habitual liars eventually get caught.