Trump’s star is still rising

Does the New Zealand media think that we are dimwits? They most certainly do, because they freely slur and lie about Donald Trump.

For more than two years we?ve heard about Trump?s impending impeachment. It was a forgone conclusion (and still is for some sad Dems). When impeachment was a bust they clamoured for the release of the Mueller report to get him on obstruction of justice, and when that failed they demanded the un-redacted report!

For security reasons, this will never happen, but it keeps a little black media cloud circling over Trump?s head, reminding a gullible public that he might yet go down for something, anything actually. The Dems are left clutching at straws after Trump proved impervious to the big ticket accusations of financial corruption, sex scandals and treason.

Last year Stuff produced a commentary on the Trump phenomena which included this startling admission. Quote.

The news sources in New Zealand show what?s very nearly an exclusively ?Anti-Trump? perspective and message with very little evidence that I can see of anything remotely objective. 

The bias is so evident and the rhetoric so skewed that it should be embarrassing to all fact-based, reasonable thinking people. I would suggest that if you currently rely on the news media for forming your opinions, than you are possibly very poorly informed.? End of quote.


Unscrupulously lying about Trump reveals a lazy and desperate New Zealand media. Their motivation, of course, is political, and the further left you go the worse it gets. In 2017 a newspaper reported. Quote.

[James] Shaw said Trump was “the most dangerous person since Adolf Hitler” End of quote.

A Newspaper

Nice one James Shaw, the H bomb is the kiss of death on your political career right there, in the words of a famous blonde ?it won?t happen overnight, but it will happen!?

So, what has Jacinda Ardern?s “orange” man been up to when she and most of New Zealand weren?t taking notice?

Much to the chagrin of his trading partners, Trump tore up decades of trade deals, to facilitate wherever possible, bringing production back to America using American sourced materials, and building up America?s oil and gas industry to reduce imported fuel. Take note Ms Ardern! Trump promises that future US trade deals will include reciprocal tariffs to protect American production.

Unemployment began dropping under Obama and is now sitting at 3%, the lowest in 17 years. Obama tried to take credit for the downward trend which began on his watch, but Trump?s administration won?t let him, saying Obama manipulated the unemployment data to produce false statistics.

Irrefutably though, Trump is responsible for creating six million new jobs in two and half years and wages have risen for the first time in 21 years – fastest in the lower income bracket. Trump reduced African-American unemployment, at its lowest ever, the result of aggressive deregulation and tax cuts to stimulate business growth. It also explains why American black and Latino communities are shifting allegiance to Trump.

Conservative black American Candace Owens applauds Trump. She says ?I absolutely love this president. I think what he did in this country was the most necessary thing, by killing political correctness. We were losing this country and everybody was too politically correct to tell us we were losing this country. He stood up on a platform where he started telling the truth, and it was timely.?

A bunch of money is being spent to turn back the clock on Obama stuff ups, and it?s not over yet. Trump?s first priority was to beef up the national security that Obama had run down.

Following that, against howls of outrage, Trump reinstated US sanctions against Iran. Obama?s policy of appeasement had suited the Iranian Mullahs very well until Trump came along to knock the terrorist gravy train on the head quick smart. Needless to say the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and terrorist groups in Iran, Syria, Egypt and Jordan are feeling the pinch after their earlier funding hit when Trump reduced his UN contributions. Nice one Don.

Trump pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Change Accord and UNESCO and this week ended US support for a global arms pact hatched up by Obama and the UN and known as the Arms Trade Treaty. Quote.

The treaty seeks to prevent illicit arms transfers that fuel destructive conflicts, making it harder to conduct weapon sales in violation of arms embargoes. About 100 countries ? including U.S. allies in Europe ? have ratified the treaty, while more than 30 others have signed but not ratified. Countries that have shunned the treaty entirely include Russia, North Korea and Syria.? End of quote.


Trump called the deal ?badly misguided.? First off, Russia, North Korea and Syria refused to sign up to it and the second point is that further down the track, similar to the UN Global Compact for Immigration, changes may impinge on American rights to bear arms in their own country, under their Second Amendment rights.

Unaffordable, unworkable Obamacare is being repealed, and if you thought the Dems had stymied Trump?s work on the wall by refusing funding, think again. Repair work and new sections are being built using new techniques that Trump says are better, faster, stronger and cheaper than before. He expects to have 200 miles completed in 2020.

Every change Trump has made has hit the bullseye on the target of putting ?America First.? He?s an aggressive, masterful negotiator and every international power knows exactly where they stand. What he?s achieved in such a short time is astounding.

The Mueller Report was based on evidence of Russian tampering in the 2016 elections, and now Trump is saying that his election promise to ?drain the swamp? has begun. Trump is a shoe-in for 2020.