Unapologetically patriotic & nationalistic.

Photo: Andrew Cornaga / www.photosport.nz

By Owen Jennings

I am a bit of a fan of Denis Prager and his ?university?. In his droll way, he seems to hit the button most times. Quote.

The bigger the government, the more the corruption […] Do you know who has created the greatest evils of history? Big governments. Big SECULAR governments. Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, all big States. Why would anybody trust the big state? […] More people have been killed by governments than anything else in history […] and just in the 20th century alone. end quote.

Denis Prager

I have often wondered what a one world government would look like seeing so many socialists are committed to its cause and that we seem to be moving inexorably towards their goal. No one knows for sure, of course, but there are some pointers. We already have a number of international organisations that have authority, to varying degrees, over national governments so we can check them out.

The United Nations could be said to be a forerunner of a single world government. It would step up to be such, in a heartbeat, if it could. While the 1945 UN charter was focused on the rights of the individual by 2015 they had issued a document entitled “Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development? which was heavily biased toward a single government and had aims for ?communities? rather than individuals. They used buzz words like environmental sustainability. It was undisguised Marxism. It was also virtue signalling. it had lofty, unrealistic objectives and little actual performance – something Kiwis now understand all too well.

These high minded ideas and fancy words come from the Marxist elite who see themselves as the architects and administrators of a future single governing body.
An unbiased assessment of the United Nations shows it to be incredibly inept and corrupt. One of its staunchest supporters, Helen Clark said this of it. quote.

[…] there is broad appreciation that the UN is failing in vital areas, not least on peace and security. […] its seeming inability to act to end the protracted crises that have driven untold human misery ? including the forced displacement of an unprecedented 65.5 million people ? is an indictment of the organisation?. end quote.

Helen Clark

Here is the view of the USA based, Journal of International Relations. quote.

Since the inception of the United Nations in 1945, the maintenance of international peace and security has been its top mission and central theme. However, recent history has proved that the organization is impotent at responding to massive abuses of human rights especially when it comes to genocides and ethnic cleansing.

Other than some highly publicized finger wagging, the UN has made no substantial efforts to stop the Burmese military’s campaign against the Rohingya. This, as well as the slow response to the Tutsi Genocide in Rwanda and the fall of Srebrenica in ?Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 1994 and 1995 respectively, is evidence of the UN?s failure to uphold the crux of its mission statement.? end quote.

They could have named several other crises as well where there has been a failure of the UN to achieve its aims.
What about corruption? quote.

In the past 15 years, 1,700 allegations of UN sexual violence have been made, from?Bosnia to Cambodia, Congo to Haiti. These?are?only the ones reported and recorded. We can?infer?that, as with statistics on just about every form of sexual violence, they represent the merest tip?of?the iceberg. A total of 53 uniformed peacekeepers and one civilian have been jailed as a result.
According to a study by Ilyana Kuziemko and Eric Werker, when a country takes its turn on the Security Council aid to that country increases as much as 170%. Nothing like having a hand in the till if no one is going to seriously object.

The UN has for many years operated a blatant anti-Semitic policy spending an inordinate amount of time criticising Israel and turning a blind eye to the excesses of the Palestinians.

In the book Snakes in Suits, Babiak and Hare write that corruption appears to be endemic at the UN: ?There are few organizations in the Western world that could survive with the allegations of mismanagement, scandal, and corruption that permeate the United Nations. For many delegates, officials, and employees, particularly those from developing nations, the UN is little more than an enormous watering hole. end quote.

Journal of International Relations.

One in 3 U.N. employees reported being sexually harassed in the past two years, according to a survey done earlier this year while a UNAIDS report earlier outlined a culture of bullying, arrogance and sexual harassment. Of course, no one resigned or was pushed ? that would be too much to expect.

There was plenty of evidence that UN officials did well from kickbacks in the Oil-for-Food programme in Iraq. In other efforts, huge amounts of aid get diverted onto a black market with UN officials at all levels obtaining personal gain.

After the Nepal earthquake, they flew new vehicles into Kathmandu, commandeered the best hotels, spent much of their day in unproductive activity mostly frustrating local efforts at recovery and left a trail of misery and unfulfilled promises.

The hallmarks then of a single governing body for the entire world will most likely be one that is good at telling us plebs how good they are and how wonderful their plans are but it will, in fact, be useless at achieving those plans, will be corrupt at all levels, wasteful of resources and a hierarchy immune from accountability and beyond the reach of democratic processes. Pity help Israel.

I am told by the elite that feelings of nationalism are dangerous and should be stamped out. Even patriotism is frowned upon. They determine that nationalism is the belief that your country is superior and that you are reluctant to cooperate internationally.
No apologies. I am both patriotic and nationalistic.