Vegan fruitcakes assaulted with sausages

Yesterday?s nation-wide outbreak of extremist vegan lunacy has had the immediate effect of prompting a massive public backlash ? protesters in Melbourne?s CBD had sausages thrown at them, and social media has been overwhelmed with support for farmers ? but it may also, finally, lead to serious action by authorities. In particular, the gutless and dangerous doxxing strategy of the group with the Orwellian name of ?Aussie Farms?. Quote:

Attorney-General Christian Porter has asked the Information and Privacy Commission to investigate militant activist group Aussie Farms after their protesters yesterday invaded farms and chained themselves to abattoir equipment across the three states.

It comes just a week after the government announced the Aussie Farms website would be subject to the Privacy Act which was amended to protest Australian farms. End of quote.

Doxxing ? the publishing of people’s private information ? is rightly regarded as a uniquely dangerous and unacceptable practise. Most social media platforms explicitly forbid it (although policing their own rules is as one-sided as everything else they do). It?s a tactic of cowards and bullies. Quote:

The activist group is under scrutiny after they publicly posted a map and personal details of farms across the country.

The interactive map listed the location of hundreds of rural properties, including livestock farms, meatworks and dairies.

?There are strong grounds to conclude that Aussie Farms Inc is engaging in a systematic effort in collecting, using and disclosing personal information to the detriment of farmers and agricultural producers,? Mr Porter said in the to the Information and Privacy Commissioner Angelene Falk.

?Further, it would now appear that despite being aware of its prescription under the Privacy Act, Aussie Farms Inc continues to ? play a significant role in spreading disruptive protest activity from Australia?s farms to our capital cities.? End of quote.

What makes this worse is that activists have been treated with ridiculous indulgence by police and courts. On the rare occasions where police respond to violent property invasions and thefts with actual charges, the activists are invariably indulged by the courts.

It?s well past time to get tough. Quote:

Mr Porter also asked the state and territory Attorneys-General and Police Ministers to consider strengthening their criminal trespass laws?Scott Morrison has urged farmers to take legal action after hundreds of vegan activists launched co-ordinated protests in Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

The Prime Minister signalled yesterday that radical activists could face fines of up to $500,000 after protesters chained themselves to equipment in abattoirs and farms.

Mr Morrison slammed the protests as ?shameful? and ?un-Australian?, throwing his support behind farmers. ?I think state and territory governments should ensure the full force of the law is brought against these green-collar criminals,? Mr Morrison said in Brisbane yesterday?

In NSW, nine activists were charged with trespass after they chained themselves to a conveyor at a Goulburn abattoir?In Queensland, more than 20 vegan activists stormed Carey Bros Abattoir in Yangan, 100km southeast of Toowoomba, at about 3.30am and chained themselves to machinery. The activists left with three lambs after two hours of peaceful negotiations with the abattoir owners. End of quote.

Forcing your way into someone?s workplace and extorting property from them is not ?peaceful negotiation?. Quote:

The Queensland state government on Saturday said it was drafting tough new laws against ?new age activism?, but Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington said yesterday?s protest proved the legislation was a PR stunt.

?What we have seen in NSW and Victoria is dozens of arrests, but in Queensland all we?ve seen are three sacrificial lambs,? Ms Frecklington said. ?The Labor government knew this protest was going to happen and all they did was try to get the front page of the newspaper. What happened at Carey Brothers Abattoirs is a disgrace. We should be coming down on these terrible, disgusting people like a tonne of bricks.? End of quote.


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