Virgin at least pays lip-service to its so-called “values”

Caption: That “Queers Against Islamophobia” thing isn’t working out as they expected.

In recent years, corporations have been forced to go far beyond their proper purpose of making money for their shareholders and have appointed themselves as unelected moral arbiters of society. This is largely due to pressure from such deceitful activists as Sleeping Giants Bullies and to companies stocking their communications departments with 20-year-olds who?ve been subject to a lifetime of leftist indoctrination at school and university.

Perhaps these corporations? moral grandstanding mightn?t be so bad if it were at least consistent. But when companies, who trumpet their ?rainbow? self-righteousness, are simultaneously inking deals with brutal regimes whose idea of ?diversity? is whether adultery is punished with stoning or whipping, it all gets a bit much to stomach.

One airline has, however ineffectually, been dragged into living up to its virtue-signalling. Quote:

Virgin Australia has axed its staff travel deal with Brunei?s national carrier ahead of the introduction of harsh new religious laws including the death penalty for gay sex. End of quote.

Brunei, supposedly a ?moderate? Islamic state, has caused global shock with its decision to join the list of brutal Islamic theocracies who don?t even bother to hide the ugliness of sharia law. Even staunch defenders of Islam, such as Australian Greens senator Mehreen Faruqi have openly criticised the move. Quote:

From tomorrow the full sharia penal code will take effect in the Southeast Asian country, and will apply to all people in Brunei regardless of nationality, religion or visitor status.

Under the code, people who commit adultery or have sex with someone of the same gender, face death by stoning and those caught stealing face the amputation of a hand or foot. End of quote.

But while the Twitterati and the usual suspects of media-political self-righteousness were working themselves up into a lather, the reaction from the usually loudly sanctimonious corporations was decidedly muted. Virgin is one of the few to take even the meekest symbolic steps to stand by their supposed principles. Quote:

An email sent by Virgin Australia to staff said ?given the harsh penalties being introduced for activity that is legal and acceptable in Australia, the myID (staff) agreement between Virgin Australia and Royal Brunei has now been terminated effective immediately?.

A Virgin Australia spokeswoman said the staff travel agreement was for the sole purpose of employee leisure travel benefits. End of quote.

This is little more than a gesture, of course. But, hey, it?s something. Meanwhile, what is Australia?s most pious rainbow flag-waver doing? Quote:

Qantas has both interline agreements and staff travel arrangements with Royal Brunei but has not made any changes in response to the overhaul of the country?s penal code. End of quote.

The Australian

Qantas chairman, the odious Alan Joyce, is openly gay, and never misses an opportunity to gaily tout the airline as the gayest of the big, gay corporations in the whole gay village, painting its planes in big, gay rainbow livery and gaily making preachy gay pronouncements on gay marriage, gay pride and other gay causes.

Meanwhile, Joyce happily signs megabuck deals with Qatar, a country where, were he to openly gay it up with his gay partner, he could face seven not-so-gay years in prison, with 90 lashes into the bargain.

As always, with these lefty Pecksniffs, it?s do as they say, not as they do.