Welcome to the Kremlin comrade

By metalwood

I can?t say that I was impressed overall by the oral submissions to the select committee yesterday.

Some firearms organisations were very narrow minded and only cared about guns used by their members. I suppose fair enough, that’s their right. But it is an issue where if they don?t stand up for others they will be the next to lose what they have. NZDA was better than I expected and Pistol NZ was good. COLFO was short of the mark and Fish and Game was weak.

I am confused on who was invited to submit orally. There were two Muslim organisations and one said they didn?t even want to talk about the legislation. There was another guy who couldn’t even hold the phone to his head while he did the house renovations and no one could hear him.

Mountain Safety was invited to submit orally but had not even given a written submission. Where is the justice in not letting people submit orally who have submitted and then inviting people who have not even bothered with a written submission to speak?

All the people who were in favour got praise, thanks for their service to the community but those opposed did not. Swarbrick and Judith Collins were particularly nasty to some people opposed. This is about the law and submissions, not the people who you have invited to submit. There was a clear bias but this is not the place for an MP to fight with the submitters.

While I am very disappointed in National I am also very much so with Judith. I get that they have to tow the party line and I am disappointed in them all, but at least Chris Bishop was not combative and seemed very interested in exemptions for competition shooters across a number of submitters.

It?s a farce though.