Whaleoil poll results

Recently we did a Whaleoil poll in which we asked readers to tick ALL the Whaleoil content that they came to Whaleoil for. Over six days, 1,528 readers took the time to complete the poll.

The content most important to our audience is: Local New Zealand politics.

In second place, with similar percentages:

  • Discussion about freedom of speech
  • Discussion about Political Islam
  • Politically incorrect comedy corner
  • Guest posts.

In third place, with similar percentages:

  • Cartoons
  • Satirical photoshopped images
  • Face of the day
  • Daily Roundup
  • American politics
  • General debate
  • Interview transcripts
  • Polls
  • Articles written by politicians.

The new polling company I used also provided a helpful map to show us which countries the votes mainly came from. Looking at the map, I now understand why there is interest in more articles on American politics. It also makes me realise that I should have put British politics in the poll.

Locations in the world of the 1,528 Whaleoil readers who took the poll.

Now that we have this information, I will create more targeted polls to find out what is most important to our readers. I will also add other options omitted from the original poll.