What she did on her ISIS holiday

Just a bunch of everyday housewives.

There are some things, as Orwell said, that are so ridiculous that one has to belong to the ?intelligentsia? to believe them. As the Islamic State caliphate is ground into the dust and the jihadi rats come crawling out of their holes, Western cultural elites clutch their pearls and weep for the fanatical ‘jihadi brides’. Academic ‘experts’ claim, incredulously, that welcoming thousands of battle-hardened Islamic fanatics will actually make the West safer.

As always, the thugs and their supporters claim they din?t do nuffin?, no-how. Evidence suggests otherwise. Quote:

The Mail on Sunday has learned that the Prime Minister and Home Secretary have been briefed by the intelligence services about claims that [jihadi bride Shemima] Begum was witnessed preparing suicide vests for would-be martyrs ? sewing them on to the bombers so that the devices could not be removed without detonation.

Intelligence sources told this newspaper they have been informed of her chilling role in Syria actively preparing jihadis to take their own lives as Islamic State collapsed.

Furthermore, sources told The Sunday Telegraph she had served in the terror group’s ‘morality police’ and had worked to recruit other impressionable women.

Sources told the newspaper she was permitted to carry a Kalashnikov rifle while going about her duties as an ‘enforcer,’ imposing the IS laws around dress code.

After being found by journalists in a camp in northern Syria in February following the collapse of IS?s grip on the region, Ms Begum, now 19, insisted she had never ?done anything dangerous? during her time with the terror group and begged to be allowed back into Britain?She said: ?When I went to Syria, I was just a housewife. I just stayed at home and looked after my kids. I didn?t do anything dangerous. I never made propaganda, I never encouraged people to come to Syria. They don?t have proof that I did anything dangerous.? End of quote.

?But think of the children!? cry lefty camp-followers (those would include children who posed for happy-snaps with severed heads and for whom no home was complete without Yazidi slaves). Quote:

Having revoked Ms Begum?s UK citizenship to block her return to Britain, a furious row was sparked when her two-week-old son Jarrah died of pneumonia in a Syrian camp. Senior Tories distanced themselves from Mr Javid?s decision, describing the Government as ?morally responsible? for the death of the newborn, while Labour labelled the situation ?a stain on the nation?s conscience?.

Jarrah was born a British citizen on February 16, shortly before the Home Secretary stripped his mother of her passport. Ms Begum?s British family had begged Mr Javid to allow safe passage for Jarrah to come to London.

Tory MP Philip Lee suggested it was Mr Javid?s desire to lead the party that was behind his blocking of Ms Begum?s return. He urged the Home Secretary to reflect on a decision ?driven by populism and not by any principle I recognise?. End of quote.

Obviously a two-week old does not deserve to die for and cannot be held responsible for his parents? actions ? but his parents can. It was their decision to renounce their homelands and throw their lot in with what they knew perfectly well was a theocratic state hallmarked by the most appalling brutality imaginable. Their child?s British citizenship was nothing more than an accidental technicality. The British government bears no responsibility for his fate; only his parents do. Quote:

A Government source said: ?Those who stayed to the end were the hardcore, there is no disputing that?she stayed to the bitter end and now we know why.? End of quote.


She, and all the other jihadis and their vicious brides, can deal with the consequences.