Who is afraid of Jacinda Ardern?

My… Prime Minister, what big teeth you have…

Cindy is excited. She is the most popular girl in school! Since being elected class president, Cindy has hosted all of the important parties, even a very fancy Fancy Dress. Her invitations to all of the most important parties have quite overwhelmed her. She has to bring along her best chum Gaylord to look after her very best dolly. It is just, well, just FABULOUS!

Life is just so busy, and she hasn?t even had a chance to bring out her very special tea set to have dinner with the Queen!
Cindy is worried though. Oh, how she is worried! So much to do and so little time. Between taking away people?s guns, freedom of speech and freedom to access the internet, she gets very little time to play with her dolly. Luckily though, her playmate Gaylord is at hand, ready to take care of her dolly and her tea set.

Cindy never used to be the most popular girl in school. Oh no, but one day, she discovered a secret. Shhhh? Be very quiet? Cindy discovered that if you become a Socialist, you become popular. Isn?t that exciting? And, after becoming a Socialist you become a Green and then you can become even more popular. How cool is that?

Meanwhile, back in the countryside from which she had come, people were worried. They remembered the stories about the Big Bad Wolf and how it pretended to be Grandma. Was it possible that little Cindy had become a Wolf? She did after all have very large teeth.

People murmured in their homes and worried. How would they know if it was true? Did she have an appetite for something more than a quiet scone and a cup of tea? Was she focused on turning her country into the Mad Hatters Tea Party?