Why didn’t anyone speak up in defense of liars or thieves?

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Or drunks or adulterers or atheists? Not a whisper of protest from them about being consigned to the fires of hell. From what I can see, we didn?t actually hear from homosexuals either because crying foul on Folau came on behalf of homosexuals.

The overreaction came from secular, thin-skinned social justice warriors who love a skirmish. They fought tooth and nail for homosexual acceptance and the mere whiff of a retrograde step sent them into a frenzy. They should take a step back and learn to mind their own business. It is 33 years since homosexuality was removed from the New Zealand Crimes Act. Everyone else, including the church, has moved on, but the social justice warriors haven’t – they are still imagining fault where there is none.

But what about the rest of us sinners? Israel Folau included every living person on the planet in his list of drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists and idolaters who are all going to hell if they don’t repent. I can see why atheists aren?t bothered because they don?t believe in hell, but what about the rest of us?

Some of us are on that list two or three times or more, and the simple reason we weren?t bothered by Folau?s message is that either we are Christians who have mended our ways, or we simply don?t care what Christians think anyway.

The scriptures describe homosexuality as a sin along with the other sins Folau listed. He could easily have included pride and murder plus a few others as well.

The extreme reaction from pro-homosexuality lobbyists indicates outrage against conservative Christianity because Folau is indeed a conservative, Bible believing Christian.

There are churches where homosexuals are made welcome and some have homosexual leaders. There are other churches which don’t tolerate homosexuals in the ministry but welcome them to the congregation and treat them no differently from anyone else.

Then there are churches with a higher Christian behavioural bar. These are Christians who don?t drink or smoke and who adhere more closely to the scriptures. They might regularly fast and pray and give 10% or more of their money to the church. Their Christian standards are very high but whether they attain that bar is a moot point. It is much more important that those standards are maintained and the bar stays high. Israel Folau is of that ilk – and good for him.

All Christians believe we will face the consequences of our actions when we die, ergo heaven or hell. The lifestyle choices we make are between us and our creator, but God urges us to a higher standard because he?d rather we live in mansions on streets of gold in the afterlife than be thrown into the burning fires of hell.

Homosexuality is a touchy subject that has divided the various Christian churches over the last three decades but most Christians eventually find themselves a comfortable church.

Critics may not like it, but Christians are free to share their faith and Israel Folau was doing just that. He is a staunch Christian and a brave man who does not deserve to be crucified. There is no doubt in my mind that his reward will be in the next world rather than this one.