Why does the Left have such venom when it comes to Folau?

It is a fascinating time to be alive in terms of cultural observations and analysis of our destination.

Will we recover from the emotional turmoil of the Christchurch attack, or will we continue to be kept at a heightened alert by politicians and media outlets? Sadly, the attack has gained them more attention than they have managed to harvest in years.

Our Progressive government and media have chosen the ‘firearms community’ as a suitable scapegoat. Andrew Little and Golriz Ghahraman have given notice of their desire to redefine hate speech. Other Progressive agenda items, such as euthanasia and ?hate crime? legislation, are being intellectually sold to our people by way of clich?d rhetoric and snakeoil charm.

And now, after weeks of proclaiming unity with a little dash of submission, our Progressive politicians and media class have launched into a combined, vitriolic assault against Australian rugby great, Israel Folau.


In 2017 Mr Folau had the temerity to not conform to politically acceptable opinion by stating “I love and respect all people for who they are and their opinions, but personally, I will not support gay marriage.”

Of course, the media only heard the last 6 words as per KPIs and market share considerations. What followed was waves of articles and opinion pieces by progressive media outlets that mocked him and his faith, both of which happen to be two of the tenets of New Zealand culture.

The following year rolled around and, after being baited about basic bible knowledge, Mr Folau was again subjected to wave after wave of media bigotry, week after week after week of an impressive array of characters lining up to professionally and personally insult his beliefs.

His rugby and even his wife were mentioned. This time, New Zealand politics decided the emotional environment should be capitalised on, specifically by Labour MP Louisa Wall who, despite ruling Manurewa for seven years (without actually advocating for the people of Manurewa beyond pushing for gay marriage, euthanasia and the ?bathroom bill’), decided to claim that ?his comments can kill? and that he ?can believe whatever he believes but there are some things that need to be kept personal.?

She said all that straight after applauding the public proclamations of ?how supportive Australian Rugby was with the marriage equality” of course.

This year, Mr Folau has again spoken of his faith, giving what was more basic theology (which was acceptable in earlier years whether one believed or not). He speaks because he cares; offering an answer to escape the dangers he sees. If he didn?t care, he would say nothing.

Yet again the venom has poured in from the progressive media, with a refined bigotry that can only be master-crafted and victim-weaponised by the Left.

Terms such as ?homophobic” and ?anti-gay” are now used in titles asserting that such ad hominems are fact. One is reminded quickly of current politicians’ and the media’s repetitive usage of ?assault rifle’ as another term of inaccurate terminology masquerading as fact.

But why? Why have there been ruthless and merciless waves of venom poured out by New Zealand media and politicians onto Israel Folau? Why the level? The constancy? Not even Donald Trump has faced such a withering barrage of Left wing bigotry. So why?

I humbly submit that Israel represents what the Left hate the most. A carefully constructed image that Israel refuses to conform to; Labour has done a powerful job in manipulating many of our pasifika people into believing that Labour is the party that truly ?cares’ and the party that Pacific Islanders are to vote for.

Israel however, is one of the anomalies, a stubborn thorn that refuses to conform to Labour ideology even though he is not even a New Zealand voter. He holds to the values of honour, sacrifice, faithfulness. He has conservative views that have lines and order and that have right and wrong.

He views humanity as not being the intellectual lord of all, but as a part of something bigger, with concerns and considerations for those who have gone before and those yet to come. Convenience and subsequent nihilism is not his way, rather life and meaning are articulated through his posts.

He represents the growing number of Pasifika people who are leaving the Labour plantation, that milk-fed ideology that has sought to supplant traditional values with hard left Progressivism. And, because Labour and the media can’t get him on the usually-successful personal attack of racism, they use personal accusations about homosexuality and Christianity.

They will keep attacking him, his profession and his family, until he toes the line to keep others of the supposed collective in order or, until he is utterly destroyed with no credibility left. The Left are excellent at this type of game.

In fact Labour reminds me of one of the most progressive US presidents, Lyndon Johnson who said, before expanding the welfare state that effectively disintegrated the black family:

?I?ll have those n*s voting Democrat for the next 200 years.?

Over the last few years blacks in America have started to wake up to the Democrat’s manipulation and are leaving the ideological plantation of the Left group-think.

I am so encouraged by the growing numbers of our Pasifika people who are starting to wake up to Labour’s manipulation and are also leaving the ideological plantation of our own Left group-think.

Fa’amanuia i le Atua, i lou aiga?