Why doesn’t anyone watch the show lefty journalists love to talk about?

Caption: Who wouldn’t want to have this lot telling them what to think?

There are certain television programs that seem to exist only so that journalists will have something else to fill column inches and furiously agree with each other about. QandA is regularly outrated by cooking shows and re-runs of cheesy comedies like Mrs Brown?s Boys. Yet it invariably gets splattered at the front of newspapers the next day.

The Project is another such program. Journalists love it, and love to talk to themselves about it, reassuring each other just how much they agree with its bog-standard lefty opinions. The trouble is, hardly anyone actually watches it. I?m talking about the Australian edition of course, but I have no doubt the Kiwi version is just as smugly unwatchable. Quote:

There is no show on Australian television that gets as much coverage as The Project. But all the headlines, publicity and viral videos just doesn?t translate into ratings.

Why? End of quote.

When writers with ?years of media experience? have to ask such a bleeding obvious question, it?s no wonder the legacy media is in such dire straits. Quote:

The Project is a show that makes a LOT of noise. The recent editorial Waleed Aly presented on the Christchurch Shooting was viewed more than 12 million times on social media but the episode itself was only watched by 347,000 metro viewers, coming fourth in its slot. End of quote.

That means that it was beaten out by the likes of Home and Away, a decades-old soapy, the tabloid tv of A Current Affair and the least-watched news program on free-to-air tv, ABC news. It also totally failed to register with its target demographic, younger viewers. Quote:

It can be argued that some content only really takes off after its initial broadcast, meaning the show can?t capitalise on its initial airing?Last Monday the program had two big exclusives; an interview with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and the infamous Egg Boy, Will Connolly.

On Tuesday morning 10 was ecstatic at the lift the program received??its highest average audience since July 2018?.

There?s only one problem; the program still came in 4th behind Home & Away, ABC News and A Current Affair. End of quote.

In other words, even at its best, the show still struggles to get anyone to watch it.

Finally the penny starts to drop: Quote:

There?s also the question on whether the show appeals to the media bubble more than the general public. I?ve always been impressed with the number of articles the show generates but that could be more to do with the fact news editors are desperately looking for content at 7.30pm each night due to the rest of the world still be asleep at that time and very little breaking news around.

Some also criticise The Project for leaning to the left and lecturing viewers. End of quote.

Now you?re getting it. The smug hectoring of the left?s pet Muslim, Waleed Aly, might go down a treat in the inner-city terrace homes of the nation?s journalists, but as the numbers show, nobody else is particularly interested.

Commenters chose to drive the point home: Quote:

“Waleed Aly – The high Imam of Sanctimony. Most people see right through the Project’s BS”.

“People do not want to be lectured at while they are eating their dinner. They also come across as smarmy, rich kids who have little to no idea as to how people in the real world are feeling.” End of quote.