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decoct (verb) – 1. To extract the flavor of by boiling.
2. To make concentrated; boil down.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Decoct boils down to a simple Latin origin: the word decoquere, from de-, meaning “down” or “away,” and coquere, meaning “to cook” or “to ripen.” Decoct itself is somewhat rare. Its related noun decoction, which refers to either an extract obtained by decocting or the act or process of decocting, is slightly more common but still much less recognizable than some other members of the coquere family, among gastronomical words like biscuit, biscotti, cook, and kitchen. Other coquere descendants include concoct (“to prepare by combining raw materials” or “to devise or fabricate”), concoction (“something concocted”), and precocious (“exceptionally early in development or occurrence” or “exhibiting mature qualities at an unusually early age”).