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gibbous (adj) – 1. (a) Characterised by convexity; protuberant: a gibbous seashell.
(b) More than half but less than fully illuminated from the point of view of an observer. Used of phases of the moon or the planets.
2. (Archaic) Having a hump; humpbacked.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : The adjective gibbous has its origins in the Latin noun gibbus, meaning “hump,” and in the Late Latin adjective gibbosus, meaning “humpbacked,” which Middle English adopted in the 14th century as gibbous. Gibbous has been used to describe the rounded body parts of humans and animals (such as the back of a camel) or to describe the shape of certain flowers (such as snapdragons). The term is most often identified, however, with the study of astronomy. A gibbous moon is one that is more than a half-moon but less than full.