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reverberate (verb) – 1. To resound in a succession of echoes; reecho: See Synonyms at echo.
2. To be filled with loud or echoing sound.
3. To have a prolonged or continuing effect.
4. To be repeatedly reflected, as sound waves, heat, or light.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : The letter sequence “v-e-r-b” in reverberate might make you think at first of such word-related brethren as proverb, verbal, and verbose, all of which derive from the Latin noun verbum, meaning “word.” In fact, reverberate comes from a much different source: the Latin verb verberare, meaning “to whip, beat, or lash,” which is related to the noun verber, meaning “rod.” Reverberate entered the English language in the 15th century, and one of its early meanings was “to beat, drive, or cast back.” By the early 1600s, it began to appear in contexts associated with sound that repeats or returns the way an echo does.