Yeah, let’s dismantle the system


Presumably the above picture illustrates an example of the ‘system that deliberately perpetuates poverty’ as it doesn’t appear to be an actual picture of ‘poverty’, which is the other subject of the sentence.

How is poverty measured? Where better to start than at Ghahraman’s alma mater, Oxford University? They have developed the Global Multidimensional Poverty Index so we will start there.

The report provides a table of ‘well-being’ measures to gauge the poverty index. You will find it on page 21

How does the system in New Zealand that “deliberately perpetuates” poverty stack up on these international measures?

SDG2 – We cannot rule out that there may be some in New Zealand that are undernourished but there is absolutely no need for that to be the case in this land where food grows so well.

SDG3 – Yes, there is, sadly, infant mortality everywhere in the world but it is the exception in NZ (0.36%), not the norm. It is as high as 15.4% in Africa.

SDG4 – We get a pass. Every child has access to free education.

SDG6 – Another pass, we all have access to clean water.

SDG7 – Cooking with animal dung does not happen as electricity is available. Some choose to live off-grid but still have some form of electricity.

SDG11 – A mud floor and inadequate sanitation would be very rare in New Zealand.

SDG1 – It is conceivable that some families in New Zealand are totally asset free according to this list but I am sure that MSD would assist in such an event.

All in all New Zealand probably just scrapes through on this Oxford University scoring system. In fact, on the list of countries featured in the report on page 15, the western developed nations, (you know, those filthy oppressive capitalist nations) seem to be entirely absent.

So, what system is Golriz going to dismantle to stop the perpetuation of poverty in these countries?