You’re free to believe what you want, just so long as it’s not Christianity

The tidal wave of cant, hypocrisy and swivel-eyed intolerance which has greeted Israel Folau?s tweeted Biblical quotation tells us far more about the supposedly great and good of contemporary society than it does about him. Mostly, it tells us unambiguously that, self-righteous blithering about ?hate speech? and ?religious vilification? be damned: it?s open season on Christianity.

Even A Newspaper is starting to notice. Quote:

The furore over Israel Folau?reminds us, if we needed reminding, that when it comes to the laws and social mores governing the denigration of people, cultures or religions, Christianity is in a class of its own. And not a good class.

Clearly, Christians cannot be offended, and while they have the right to believe what they will, they do not have the right to articulate those beliefs. End of quote.

Despite the self-serving palaver about ?tolerance?, the real hate pullulates from the bigots of “progressivism”. Quote:

His statement has widely been described as hate speech and bigotry. It is neither. It is simply the view of a committed Christian who believes the Bible’s instruction regarding how we should live. If Israel Folau was anything other than a Christian there would have been no reaction at all. End of quote.

Sheikh Shady Suleiman has stood in Australia?s biggest mosques and spouted much worse than anything Folau has ever said. The New Zealand government bent over backwards to grant him a special visa. One wonders if he flew to New Zealand with Qantas.?


Qantas, which puts a lot of money into Australian rugby, claimed that the belief that unrepentant homosexuals would be consigned to Hell did not sit comfortably with its values. Surely that has to qualify the airline for the Hypocrite of the Year award.

Qantas, remember, has a formal (and no doubt highly lucrative) partnership with Emirates Airlines, based in Dubai. The United Arab Emirates does not smile particularly fondly on homosexuality, or any other form of sexual expression beyond what the Bible finds acceptable, and goes further.

Indulge in any form of non-heterosexual behaviour there and you will be committing a crime punishable by fines, imprisonment, chemical castration and even execution. End of quote.

But Qantas aren?t the only hypocrites. Quote:

Brad Weber, from the lofty heights of a one-test All Black, professes to hate (a word Folau has never used) “having” to play against people who think the way he does.

There’s a simple solution to that. Folau has made it clear that his faith is more important to him than his career, and if needs must he will walk away from the latter in favour of the former. If Brad Weber hates the idea of meeting him on the field, he could do the same. He won’t. End of quote.

Folau?s critics openly shout their hate ? but does he actually hate? The foundation of Christianity is acknowledging sin ? and forgiving, ?as we love ourselves?. Quote:

Homophobia can be described as contempt, prejudice, aversion, hatred or antipathy?So how does that fit the Folaus? Israel said he did not approve of the homosexual lifestyle (which he surely has every right to do), but (like all sinners) they could repent. He abhorred the sin, not the sinner, and while there might be an argument regarding whether anyone can or should repent a ‘sin’ that, uniquely, is not a matter of deliberate choice, that does not demonstrate contempt, prejudice, aversion, hatred or antipathy.

Nor does it suggest plans to discriminate against homosexuals or offer violence to them. End of quote.

Cowardly cartoonist Andrew ?First Dog on the Moon? Marlton has openly said that he is too afraid to mock Islam, yet he happily bashes Christianity. Marlton is but the tip of an odious iceberg of chicken-hearted hypocrisy. Quote:

The question we should be asking ourselves is what reaction we would expect if such comments were made by the adherent of a faith other than Christianity. It is unimaginable that a Muslim, for example, would have experienced a Folauesque reaction to any statement detailing his or her faith’s belief regarding any form of human behaviour?

Israel Folau has suffered more contempt, prejudice, aversion, hatred and antipathy, critical and hostile behaviour, than he has ever directed at anyone else.

So much for tolerance, a quality that his critics would say they espouse, and demand, but have no intention whatsoever of practising. End of quote.

A Newspaper