Democrat decoys?

The Democrats are fielding the worst possible candidates they can come up with. I wonder if they are smoke and mirrors for the real candidate of choice?

Michelle Obama.

Let’s be honest. Not one of the current mob of contenders has a snowball’s chance in hell of beating Trump in 2020. Even the Democrats are disenchanted with the choices. But what if they are all just decoys and at the last minute, the leftie’s love comes out and announces her candidacy? As much as I dislike her, her husband and her views, there are many who would cry with joy that their beloved ex-First Lady was going to come out of retirement and offer salvation to their tortured souls.

She has the name. She has the following. She is black. She is female. She is mates with their sweethearts Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres. She wrote a best selling book and graces the guest lists of all “ THE “ best celebrity get-togethers. Even Megs and Harry invited her to their nuptials.

According to the bastion of truth and knowledge Wikipedia: quote.

As First Lady, Obama served as a role model for women, and worked as an advocate for poverty awareness, education, nutrition, physical activity and healthy eating. end quote.

Michelle is a defender and supporter of the Lesbian, Gay and Transgender community. She knows the workings of the Whitehouse, Washington and International diplomacy.

The left could not wish for a more perfect candidate.

Her paternal great-great-grandfather was a slave. She battled prejudice and adversity while studying at University and triumphed over all odds to graduate from Harvard. She said that she realised that she could be  “both brilliant and black”.

She manages to score high on the scorecard for virtually every single issue that the left hold dear.

If I am right, Trump will be in for a fight and it will be one where the victor is not at all a sure thing.

My late great great grandfather used to tell a story from his days in the Boer War. It was about a scorpion and a tarantula in a biscuit tin. The soldiers would take bets on which one would be left alive in the tin.


I would not be prepared to take a bet on the outcome of the fight between Michelle Obama and Donald Trump. They are both formidable opponents and both have a killer instinct when it comes to being victorious.

Whether it is in the courtroom; in the boardroom or on social media, both know how to fight and fight hard.

For myself, I hope that I am wrong. The only thing that could possibly prevent her candidacy and subsequent potential victory would be if the hammer comes down on the Obama administration within the next few weeks or months.

If Trump has the dirt on the Obama Presidency, he had better get it out there and fast.

If he doesn’t, the biscuit tin battle could be set for resurrection in 2020 and it will not be pretty. For America or for the free world.