A de facto attack on Christianity

I am getting sooooo sick of the fact-free smears being pushed by the media about Israel Folau. His message was for sinners to repent so that they would not go to hell which is a place that he genuinely believes exists. His social media post included a whole list of sinners but the media chose to fixate on one group only.

Folau as a Christian dislikes the sin not the sinner and it is a caring action to warn people of what you see as a real threat to their happiness in the afterlife. Folau would consider himself a sinner and one that needs to repent also, so it is a defamatory lie for various media to describe his social media post as homophobic, controversial and anti-gay.

The NZ Herald called his social media post “homophobic” which means that by extension they are saying that mainstream Christian belief is homophobic which completely ignores the Christian belief in forgiveness and the power of repentance.

Newshub called his social media post “controversial” which means that they by extension are saying that Christian beliefs are controversial.

Gayexpress.co.nz called him “Anti-gay” which means that they are saying that Christian belief in sins, sinners, forgiveness, repentance and heaven and hell by extension are Anti-gay beliefs.

Would you call a person femalephobic, controversial or anti-women if they tweeted a warning to women entering a specific bar to not leave their drinks unattended because they genuinely believed that many women had had their drinks spiked at that bar?

Would you call a person teenphobic, controversial or anti-teen if they tweeted a warning to teenagers that having sex at a young age could lead to pregnancy or STD’s because they genuinely believe that it is better to wait until adulthood?

Would you call a person Meatphobic, controversial or anti-meateaters if they tweeted that a Vegetarian lifestyle is better for the planet and people’s health if they genuinely believe that it is?

Cartoon credit: BoomSlang

Despite this defacto attack on Christianity that has turned Folau into a martyr the majority of Christians have not stood up to defend Israel Folau. I suspect that it is because they understand that the attack on Israel Folau by the media and Australian Rugby is actually an attack on Christianity. They are either turning the other cheek or are cowards and do not want to get in the firing line because they are scared of being smeared as Homophobic, controversial and anti-gay.

Muslims, unlike Christians, do not tend to turn the other cheek when it comes to their religion or individual Muslims being criticised. They stand up for their religion and their fellow Muslims and their religious beliefs. That is their strength. They do not apologise for their beliefs, they defend them. They have done such a good job of it in fact that Mainstream media have been conditioned to ignore inconvenient truths about their religious law and homosexuals.