A newspaper built a wall but it has a hole

Given our own technical difficulties yesterday I am in no position to point and laugh but apparently, A Newspaper has a hole in its paywall currently. Some people have reported that the hole allows them to view the content behind the paywall for free.

I haven’t looked because I am thrilled that some of their investigative journalists like David Fisher have disappeared behind the wall never to darken my screen again. I look forward to not having to read any more of his hit pieces on Cam. Listen, can you hear that? Ah, it’s the sound of… serenity.

Think of this more as a public service announcement. I know that if I had paid huge amounts of money to go behind a paywall I would want to know if it was not secure.

It looks like A newspaper will have to take a leaf out of Donald Trump’s book and build a better wall to keep out all those pesky “illegals” who are keen to read their content for free. So much for supporting diversity LOL

**Please DO NOT in the comments share how to access the hole in any way shape or form. Hopefully, they are already aware of it and will make their site secure soon.