A political barbie doll

Photoshopped image credit: Luke

Jacinda Ardern is a political Barbie doll. It is very hard to avoid the conclusion that everything she does is being stage-managed and orchestrated by the Labour party for maximum impact.

She has an attractive face and a likeable personality, but her complete lack of leadership skills is obvious. She reads her autocue and parrots the lines that she has learnt, but she is nothing more than a political “Barbie doll” to be paraded in front of the cameras and sent to kindergartens and magazine photo shoots as her bosses in the party dictate.

I do not believe for a second that she and the Labour party did not know that she was pregnant during the election campaign. Once that fact had to finally come out it was then cynically used, and the narrative of the first baby and the progressive house husband/partner was born.

Now her engagement is being used to take the heat off the Pike River backflip, and equally, her wedding will be timed to distract from all the Labour party failures during election year.

The media are all excited over the engagement announcement but no wedding date has been announced. This leaves them free to select the date that is the most politically advantageous to the Labour party election campaign. The wedding will be perfect for taking the focus away from the government’s incompetence.

I also wouldn’t be at all surprised if Labour party staff haven’t already got an international women’s magazine to fund the wedding in exchange for exclusive photo rights. As for the venue, as it will be stage managed for maximum impact, it will need to be kept under wraps until the last possible minute. Staff on her behalf will no doubt be investigating at least 3 options to keep everyone guessing.

We are told the engagement occurred at Easter, but as with the future wedding, I believe that the announcement was held in reserve until a distraction was needed.

Jacinda’s personal life is being pimped and played with by the Labour party. Her daughter and now her fiance are political accessories.

As one reader on Whaleoil observed, it is fascinating to see how Jacinda has “capitulated to what the neo-Marxists claim is a Western cultural practice that is oppressive to women (shortly after donning the hajib). A bit like Rodham taking Clinton’s name when it became politically expedient.”

If you realise that she is just a political Barbie doll, it all makes sense. The wedding dress is just another costume and one that is politically useful.