ACT wants you to support freedom of speech

Cartoon credit: SonovaMin

Ruwan Premathilaka
ACT New Zealand President

This week, the full spectrum of the establishment has attacked David for standing up for freedom of speech.  As the President of the Party, I’m calling on you to rally behind ACT.  I’m asking you to donate to the party, and attend ReACT, effectively the beginning of our 2020 campaign.

Everyone’s piled in.  The National Party’s position has been that being nice to people who threaten freedom of speech is more important than defending freedom of speech.

The Green Party and the media have tried to say it’s David fault that radical nutcases are threatening an MP because he said someone who wants speech regulated is a menace to freedom.

Yesterday morning, the Speaker of Parliament piled in, calling Seymour a bully.  The Speaker is supposed to be Parliament’s neutral referee.

This is what it means to stand up for freedom against the mob.  Were it not for ACT, the entire Parliament would be sleepwalking towards regulating speech.

At the same time, the establishment has shown us why the state should never have the power to punish people for their opinions.  You can’t trust the media, the other political parties, or even the Speaker of the House.  Without the right to say and think what we like, speech becomes a popularity contest where the winners can put the losers in jail.

At our best, we humans are thinking and valuing individuals.  It takes generations to secure this freedom, but it can be lost in a moment when the political class stop valuing it.  Debating ideas without violence is the only way to make a better world. The worst places in the world to live are those without freedom of speech.

There is a lot at stake and it is a lonely battle.  We need your help to grow ACT.  As a political party, we receive no taxpayer funding, and nor should we.  Every dollar we use to promote ACT to voters is given generously by our donors.  Your contribution will help us defend ourselves and reach more voters with our message of freedom.  

Please rally behind our party in defence of freedom. […]