Amnesty on MSSA to be announced

It is probable that Countdown may announce an amnesty on Multi-use Shopping Style Accessories (MSSA) after 175 went missing from one Auckland store. Quote.

Since the move away from having plastic bags in their stores, some Countdown supermarkets have had the odd shopping basket go walkabout. […]

One customer found out the hard way yesterday afternoon that some people clearly haven’t gotten used to bringing their own bags.

When the customer walked into Countdown Lynfield in Auckland he could not find any of their distinctive green shopping baskets.

After enquiring, he was told by a staff member 175 of them had been stolen.

When asked, Countdown would not comment on how many had been taken from the store because the organisation did not hand out “commercial information”.

However, a spokesperson said it was not unusual for baskets to go missing “from time to time” and said the Lynfield store was expecting new baskets in the coming days. […]

“Some stores have had a few issues with baskets going missing but on the whole we’ve seen that settle down as customers get into the habit of remembering their bags.

“We’d, of course, encourage customers not to take baskets home – we have a range of reusable bag options in store.”

A Herald employee experienced a similar issue with missing shopping baskets after visiting Fresh Choice in Glen Eden.

Initially, the store allowed customers to take groceries out to their car in store baskets after they were caught short without their own bags.

However, after a bunch of their shopping baskets started to disappear they banned people from taking them out of the store and into the carpark altogether. End quote.

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