Ardern is destroying Taranaki

Taranaki destroyed Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

This week Jacinda Ardern threw a $27 million bone to Taranaki, hoping to appease its people after taking $30 billion away over the next 30 plus years by killing off oil and gas. That’s just under a billion a year lost to the region, and this week James Cameron delivered a message at the Just Transitions conference in New Plymouth that could cost them another $1 billion a year. Quote.

“The National New Energy Development centre will help create new business and jobs in Taranaki while helping New Zealand move towards clean, affordable, renewable energy and away from fossil fuels,” Ms Ardern said.

The centre will look at the full range of emerging clean energy options such as offshore wind, solar batteries, hydrogen and new forms of energy storage.

Ms Adern said the changing required New Zealand to face the longer challenge of sustainably powering the economy over the next 30 years.

She said it was no coincidence the Just Transition Summit was being held in New Plymouth. End of quote.


After the KiwiBuild bust, I have a sinking feeling. This government has no idea how many jobs will be created, or even if an income stream can be generated. Income is not a priority; spending is. Quote.

As well as $27 million to set up the centre in Taranaki, $20m will be spent over four years to establish a new science research fund for energy technology, looking into the likes of organic photovoltaics, super conductors, nanotechnologies and inductive power.

The initiatives are part of a Wellbeing Budget package focused on research under the priority of creating opportunities for businesses, regions, iwi and others to transition to a sustainable and low emissions economy.

Stuff reported that the 2 day conference to “bring together voices on what the transition to a low-emissions future will look like and what needs to be done to get there” would include “talks and panels on what other countries have done, ways that companies can change their business models and how climate change is affecting economics”. Talk, talk, talk – but what will they actually do, and when will they do it?

This was an awful week for Taranaki. Ardern threw them a small bone then jetted off to Paris while Hollywood producer James Cameron jetted in to tell the second most important dairying region in the country to abandon its animal farming and plan for a vegan future.


Global demand for New Zealand’s meat and dairy products is under threat as the world responds to climate change by eating more and more plant-based protein, Hollywood filmmaker James Cameron told the government’s Just Transitions conference in New Plymouth.” End of quote.


I must confess, I come from fine meat-eating, farming stock, but from time to time I eat vegan, only plants, no meat, dairy or egg products. Vegan food is delicious and I love the health benefits, but listening to Cameron sell the vegan story made my blood boil. He has been vegan for four years which does not give him the right to peddle the unproven notion that animal farming aids global warming.

Cameron delivered Ardern’s message that climate change will ultimately cause global chaos and that New Zealand should stump up and lead the world in planning for a vegan future. Quote.

…”sane” countries like New Zealand with small populations and the ability to adapt quickly had an opportunity to show global leadership on climate change, Cameron suggested.

“The elephant in the room here, the cow in the room here, is obviously animal agriculture,” he said.” End of quote.

Like hell it is! The only elephant in the room is the hypocrisy displayed by both Ardern and Cameron who regularly fly in unsustainably powered jets that pollute the earth more than any number of Taranaki cows.

They expect us to swallow the global warming narrative that they personally ignore. We have to stop this madness before they inflict a second economic hit on Taranaki. Quote.

The dairy industry accounted for 11 per cent of the Taranaki region’s economy and earned nearly $1billion last year.” End of quote.


That’s a total annual loss to Taranaki of nearly two billion dollars a year from both oil and gas and dairying if this government continues its meddling.

Cameron is successful because he’s very, very good at his job, which is to make fiction believable. He is an illusionist, and the perfect patsy for Ardern’s global warming message.

Thankfully, neither of these two is credible. A politician with an appalling track record of delivering on promises, and a Hollywood film maker expecting public buy in to scientifically unproven global warming.

This government has failed to deliver anything yet in their “year of delivery”, and here they are trotting out another half baked plan which will destroy Taranaki’s capability to provide the fuel and food we actually want.

There is another angle to this story. Most very successful business owners go bust at least once before they make good, and some several times. Ardern waltzes along with her poorly formed business ideas, and in all likelihood, when she goes bust will take the whole country down with her. She is already the kiss of death for Taranaki.