Aussie deplorables hit back at sneering elites

The reaction from the left to the Australian election is following the well-worn script set down by Trump and Brexit: denial, anger, threats to flee to a nearby country (you’re welcome, New Zealand), and, of course, pouring scorn and abuse on anyone who voted differently to their superiors in the wealthy inner cities.

Labor were well and truly pasted in Queensland, winning just five of 30 seats. Naturally, the Banana Benders have come in for an extra-special, heapin’ helping of vitriol.

Well, Australian readers have a thing or two to tell their insufferable city cousins in the south. Quote.

To those who after the federal election have spat the dummy and are calling people from regional Queensland “knuckle-dragging cavemen”, I would like to point out a few facts. First, the money that comes from mining and agriculture in Queensland keeps your hospitals running, your schools well equipped and your government or government-sponsored jobs well paid.

[…] What is wrong with these largely inner city elites? They sit around in small groups telling each other how morally superior they are to those hillbillies in regional Queensland. They don’t countenance opposite viewpoints with arguments, they just abuse because mostly they don’t have the logic and or intelligence to argue their case – “Richard”, QLD. end quote.

Obviously, if Queenslanders refused to vote for Labor’s tax’n’spend’n’pontificate climate-rainbow-gender-wealth-redistribution program, it’s because they’re just too stupid to comprehend the utopia that awaits at the end of the Cultural Marxist rainbow. quote.

We have been repeatedly informed by Labor that one of the main reasons for the party’s loss was that its policy message was “too complex”. This barb was mostly directed at Queensland, where Labor suffered monumental losses […]

As a proud Queenslander let me be crystal clear: Labor’s policies weren’t complex, they were just dumb as a box of rocks. The genius trio of Shorten, Bowen and Plibersek cooked up a toxic brew of Greens insanity, topped by taxation madness and then sprinkled it with a dusting of identity and envy politics, served by a dislikable opportunist. Thankfully, sanity prevailed – “John”, QLD. end quote.

Some Queenslanders are throwing the lefties’ insults right back at them. quote.

In case those inner city elites referring to central, north and western Queenslanders as knuckle-draggers, rednecks and uneducated on Twitter forgot, we “good ol’ boys” coal and cane choppers get to go down to the polling both, too. And didn’t we give them a nice dose of democracy? In fact, I’m so happy with the result I think I’ll go home, sit on my front porch and duel my banjo – “Richard”, QLD. end quote.

But, as many other readers pointed out, the left’s collective hissy-fit says more about them than it does about Coalition-voting Queenslanders. quote.

Fair-minded citizens are aghast at the outbursts by the Left on social media…The Left has no monopoly on pain or world views. After a vote, there’s no need for the Left to review it for approval. Scott Morrison is a good leader. Insulting one’s fellow citizens is ultimately harmful and says more about the fault-finder – “Arthur”, SA.

Not surprisingly, the high-profile lefties wasted no time ranting on social media and in doing so revealed themselves to be nasty, mean spirited, small minded and very naive – “Peter”, QLD. end quote.

Finally, trust a Victorian to come up with a witty new descriptor for the latte set. quote.

The horror at the election outcome of those behind the “quinoa curtain” of our inner cities illustrates that Canberra is not the only place existing in a bubble – “Deborah”, VIC. end quote.