Aussie Election Roundup Week 5: biting, scratching & clawing their way to the finish line

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We’re just days out from the big event so this will be my final Australian election 2019 wrap up, and, hoo boy, it’s a doozy. I said, last week, that the campaign was turning nasty, but shooting dogs and anti-Semitism seem almost tame in retrospect. As the un-losable election goes to the wire, the contenders haven’t just taken the gloves off, they’re rolling, biting and scratching in the gutter. quote.

Exclusive analysis of Newspoll since the beginning of the campaign reveals the Coalition making up significant ground in most mainland states in the past five weeks and turning around its ­fortunes in NSW to now lead Labor…

The state-by-state breakdown of Newspolls conducted since the April 2 budget shows the Coalition clearly winning the campaign, having significantly improved its position compared with the first quarter of the year when it averaged a two-party-preferred vote of 47-53 behind Labor.

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Far from the landslide predicted at the start of the campaign, this one looks like being a cliffhanger. Labor is obviously sweating bullets and is campaigning dirtier by the day. As I’ve already reported on Whaleoil, in an unprecedented low, Labor has started flogging the sectarian horse, dragging PM Scott Morrison’s religion into the campaign.

Speaking of petty and nasty, the bizarre obsession of the far-left with a former PM turned backbencher has taken on unrivaled dimensions of spite. quote.

Police are interested in talking to several “known” far-left activists as part of an investigation into ­offensive posters placed around Tony Abbott’s electorate on Sydney­’s northern beaches.

Confirmation yesterday that the investigation was now ­“advanced” came as it was revealed­ that Mr Abbott’s campaign team has given police photos of two senior GetUp organisers who have been active in the push to oust the former prime minister.

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If Aussies really do love a battler, then this election could bode well for Pauline Hanson. One Nation has been subjected to an extraordinary beating, as the legacy media have sprung hit-job after hit-job, but Hanson has refused to give up. As she reminded her media nemesis, Sunrise, she’s certainly doing better than they are. quote.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson was at her fiery best on Nine’s Today this morning, responding to a question about One Nation’s voter appeal by slamming the breakfast show’s dismal ratings…“I’ve actually gone up since the last election, unlike your show, Deb, since you’ve actually taken over, you’ve actually gone down in viewership,” she said.

“Should you hand over your job or should we bring Karl [Stefanovic] back?”

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Meanwhile, the Greens’ predilection for scraping the bottom of the left-wing barrel with their candidates has turned up yet another charmer. quote.

Damning footage has emerged of a Greens candidate hurling ­expletive-laden insults at Catholic students. “Go wank yourself at home, you and your f..king Jesus picture,” Mr Parissis is recorded as saying in the video. “I wish I could kick your face in.” end quote.

The tolerant left.

Finally, commentator Robert Gottliebsen argues that it’s an election of grey-versus-green. Or, more accurately, homeowners versus young, inner-city females. quote.

Two issues will decide the election — the retirement and pensioners tax (RPT) and the dramatic rise in community apprehension about climate…anger in the older age groups of our community is white hot…But the reader response is just as big when I discuss climate change.

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If pensioner taxes and housing are key issues, then the Coalition’s secret weapon may well be none other than Labor shadow treasurer, Chris Bowen. Bowen has been notably quiet for much of the campaign, after he shoved the first spikes in Labor’s guns by essentially telling worried pensioners to get stuffed. Now Bowen has opened his mouth again – only to change feet. quote.

One of Australia’s most influential property industry leaders has delivered a sharp critique of Labor’s negative gearing tax shake-up, while Bill Shorten’s Treasury spokesman has told new homeowners they should not worry if the equity in their homes falls into negative territory. end quote.

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Insulting voters and telling them not to worry about losing money on the biggest investment in their lives is such a winning strategy. No wonder Labor haven’t let Bowen out of the house much.