Australia’s tough gun laws are working so well!

It’s just as well we don’t have gun crime in Australia any more.

If you were to believe social media, Australia is a gun-crime-free zone thanks to the tough gun control laws brought in by the Howard government in 1996. New Zealand’s government is trying to go one further.

Just ignore all the gun crimes actually happening in Australia. Shootings are becoming commonplace in Melbourne, Sydney, and even here in Tasmania. Contrary to popular belief, Australia has had seven mass shootings – as they are defined by the FBI – since the Howard laws were enacted. A spree of gun killings has rocked Melbourne in the past few months. Children on Easter egg hunts are even finding guns disposed of in parks. Quote:

A search continued yesterday in the Melbourne park where the body of the eighth man to be shot dead in as many weeks in the city was found.

State Emergency Service volunteers and police returned to Fawkner Park in South Yarra following the murder of a 41-year-old Carnegie man, whose body was discovered on Friday night. The search comes after two guns were found at the park, reportedly by children.

Police believe the latest shooting was a targeted attack…It is the latest in a deadly two months on Melbourne’s streets.

Eight men have died in six shootings since March 1 and charges have been laid for only three of the attacks.

Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien said gun crime was out of control in Melbourne and police needed more resources and powers. End of quote.

So, it looks like the gun lobby’s catchy slogan is actually right: only the outlaws have guns in Australia, now. Quote:

Police Minister Lisa Neville said police were targeting organised crime through new firearm prohibition orders, which came into effect last year.

“Illegal firearms have no place in our community and we’re working with Victoria Police to target those who seek to use or acquire them,” she said. “Through our record investment in community safety, we’re ­giving police the laws, resources and equipment they need to keep Victorians safe.”

Since the prohibition orders came into place, 165 orders have been approved and, of those, more than 145 have been served on individuals, including outlaw motorcycle gang members, ­Middle Eastern crime gang members and people of interest to counter-terrorism forces. End of quote.


Because we all know how much criminals respect the law.