Australia’s version of the Free Speech Coalition

When the Canary dies the Miners know it is time to leave the mine

Australia politically is our canary in the mine, giving us a heads-up as to what is coming our way in the next 2-5 years. In one instance however, New Zealand was the canary and took action first. In response to what many of us could see was a dangerous hostility towards free speech in New Zealand, the Free Speech Coalition was formed.

Two news stories led to the creation of the organisation.

  1. Auckland Mayor Phil Goff deplatforming two visiting speakers.
  2. Massey university deplatforming Don Brash.

Now, in Australia, the terrible treatment of Israel Folau has shocked supporters of religious freedom and free speech into action. They have created what they call a Freedom Declaration. Quote.

Freedom Declaration

Australia’s international obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (the ICCPR) require us to uphold freedom of thought, conscience and religion – as well as the rights of parents and their children.
Recent years, however, have seen a sustained assault on these and other freedoms whereby:

  • The rights of individuals and organisations have been eroded by state and federal anti-discrimination laws;
  • Careers and businesses have been harmed and threatened by employers, the corporate world, and hostile third parties;
  • Parental rights have been diminished by the spread of radical gender ideology across Australian classrooms – often supported and financed by governments; and
  • The right of parental choice in faith-based education has been attacked.

We are drawing a line in the sand and saying, “Enough is enough!”
We declare that we will not silently give up our rights and freedoms.
It’s time for our nation to return to the foundational concepts that defined Australian culture and heritage: a fair go, equality under the law and respect for the dignity of all people.

The signatories to this Declaration call on all parliamentarians to protect our key freedoms, such as freedom of conscience, speech, belief and association.
We call on all Australians to join us in working for this Declaration to be reflected in Australia’s laws, workplaces, classrooms and national life. end quote.

The Australian Family Coalition

The Australian Family Coalition explained their reasons for creating the Freedom declaration. quote.

Australians are seeing their rights and freedom – the very idea of the fair go – evaporate at a rapid pace.
Part of the problem is bad government policy, such as the onwards march of anti-discrimination laws – or the funding of radical sex education in our children’s classrooms.

People are also losing their livelihoods because of their beliefs.
Israel Folau’s plight has generated a great deal of attention, but many more cases go unseen and unheard.

Australians are suffering – and in some cases losing their jobs or businesses – because they don’t subscribe to the Politically Correct orthodoxy and virtue-signalling of the day.

Finally, we are faced with the agenda of so-called ‘progressive’ activists who are determined to impose their utterly intolerant form of ‘tolerance’.

Many people thought that voting ‘yes’ in the 2017 marriage postal survey would prevent further erosion of rights and freedoms.
It clearly hasn’t – and neither has the 2017-18 Ruddock Review led to any protections for freedom of religion or belief.

With an election imminent – and Israel Folau deemed guilty – it’s increasingly clear that we need to publicly restate our rights and freedoms NOW.

We need to let our MPs and senators – especially incoming ones – know that we have had enough of the stalling and the outright dismissing of our concerns.
We need to let those responsible for our workplaces and classrooms know that we’re here and we’re not going away.

We need to build a growing movement of Australians who are prepared to be a voice for the foundational concepts that defined Australian culture and heritage: A fair go, equality under the law and respect for the dignity of all people. end quote.

New Zealand is facing the exact same concerns. Next year is an election year and it is our opportunity to make our concerns known. ACT, New Conservatives, National and NZ First need to be told in no uncertain terms that we want our rights and freedoms protected. Our Labour-led government under Jacinda Ardern wants to dilute our freedoms by redefining them and she wants State control of the internet. The canary is currently choking on both sides of the Tasman. How much more warning do we need?