Brace yourselves, New Zealand: Aussie ‘celebrities’ are coming

Photoshopped image Ccredit: Luke

Before the Australian election, Whaleoilers were worried that a Labor victory would lead to a surge in country-shopping asylum seekers hoping to make good on Jacinda Ardern’s virtue-signalling. The good news is that New Zealand has dodged that particular bullet.

The bad news is that an avalanche of even worse grifters is threatening to flood your shores, tempted by Jacinda’s fairy-dust rhetoric: celebrities. quote.

Jane Caro

Comedian Meshel Laurie called Australians ‘dumb, mean-spirited and greedy’, while author Jane Caro said she wished she were from New Zealand – although she later backtracked after hundreds of people offered her a lift to the airport. end quote.

I use the word “celebrity” loosely, of course. In Australia, “celebrity” is as much a misnomer as “television personality” is an oxymoron. Australian “entertainment” is a lobster-pot of talentless luvvie hacks. No-one is quite sure what they’re allegedly famous for, but once they managed to crawl their way onto our airwaves, they’re as hard to dislodge as a bush tick – and just as adept at sucking taxpayer’s blood, via the national broadcaster.

It’s not often I agree with David Koch, but (possibly chastened by the backlash from his bullying attack on Pauline Hanson) he’s hit the nail on the head for once. quote.

On social media, countless left-wingers called Coalition supporters ‘racist, homophobic and stupid’ as they were left stunned by Scott Morrison’s against-all-odds win. 

But Sunrise host David Koch hit back on Monday morning with a message of his own for the Left.

‘One thing I am hating on social media is all the people bagging the Australian voters for making the decision,’ he said.

‘Get a grip. People wanting to move to New Zealand, go to New Zealand.

‘The Australian public is pretty smart, they made their decision, you live with it whether you agree or not.’

‘The Left loves democracy… until they lose.’

Twitter end quote.

One thing the left really can’t swallow is admitting that nobody outside their little echo-chamber agrees with their pet prejudices. quote.

Politics lecturer Dr Zareh Ghazarian of Monash University…said: ‘[The Coalition’s] campaign was back to basics. They talked about jobs, the economy and not much else.

‘Labor opened up so many fronts. They talked about fertility control, transgender issues, healthcare, climate change – and Bill Shorten kept saying he wanted to change the nation.

‘Voters, facing volatility in the economy with global trade wars, said they were not in the mood for change and shunned Labor’s big agenda. end quote.

But the nobodies who delude themselves that they’re “celebrities” are having none of this “democracy” nonsense. quote.

Several celebrities have been unable to swallow the defeat, sharing their rage after Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s victory.

Feminist author Clementine Ford said voters wanted to leave her son a ‘destroyed world’ while TV host Lisa Wilkinson said she was ‘sick and tired’ of Coalition infighting.

Television personality Meshel Laurie let off a barrage of tweets, airing her disappointment over the Coalition’s return to power…’tax pays for everything outside your house genius. It pays for the hospital you’ll die in one day’.

dailymail end quote.

Yep. That’s how “smart” these people really are.

So, to paraphrase one of your old tourism slogans: stay right where you are, New Zealand. Australia is about to offload its useless, untalented, bilious lefties onto your shores.

You’re welcome.