Calm the hell down!

Yes, many firearms owners are feeling demonised and stressed. Yes, the recent law change is very messy. Yes, the police are, at best, barely coping with the changes.

But calm the hell down!  Why? Because the politicians will have to face the fact that reality is catching up with them fast. Very fast.

Soon there will be less than 100 business days to go before the amnesty ends and all of the ‘criminalised’ firearms owners will have to hand in their weapons.

A reality check is called for.  Everyone in the firearms community knows that this is too short a time and that the amnesty will have to be extended, perhaps for another 1 or 2 years. At the moment the politicians and the police bosses are blind to that reality.

Let’s use back of the fag packet mathematics and say each firearms owner had an average of 3 guns to hand in and with 15 mins processing time for each firearm, each approved gun shop could process around 11 owners per day. That would mean that across the approximately 70 gun shops that may be approved, 770 owners across the country each day would be processed.

If we assume that around half the licensed firearms owners have newly criminalised firearms, that is 120,000 owners, which would take 156 processing days, with everyone turning up waiting and then coming back until they get to hand in their firearms and collect their government cheque. More days would need to be added for the 7,000 E cat (semi automatic) licensed owners. Back of the fag pack gives us 156 days full on with easily another 500 to 1,000 extra days to process the 7,000 properly licensed E cat owners.

More than two years amnesty time is needed. Is it time to mention that they need to ‘wake up and smell the coffee’?

Each gun shop would expect to be paid $100 per gun handed in for the time, paperwork and storage. If we follow this with the 70 approved gun shops for the 120,000 owners with an average of three hand-ins, that will come to $36 million – on top of the possible $800 million for the firearms’ value!

The extra money the government needs to find does not stop there. No firearm owners will hand over their valuable personal property unless they receive full payment in the other hand at the time of handing it over. How will this work? No owner will accept a government IOU after seeing what happened in England where the government dramatically slashed the value of IOU’s issued. The dollars to set up, run and maintain a payment system would be millions more. 

So, calm the hell down folks, we firearms owners are police vetted, law-abiding people. We do what is right and we always have done.  All this talk of burying firearms, hiding firearms and the like, simply fuels the anti-gun lobby. No one in their right mind would want to do this. Fair market value dollars in your pocket for your firearm is the best option.

Emotion can be expected from people under severe stress. Consider this – if your rant includes threats of violence or incites violence then expect the police to become very interested in you.

If you feel the need to unload, emotionally speaking, then talk with your mates and share. Don’t go online and go full retard.

The acid test will come next week on Budget Thursday. Fair and reasonable gun buy back prices have gone to the government and the police. The budget is already finalised. On budget day we will all see what the government is budgeting in payments for police time, gun shop time and firearms payments. If we see 800 million to 1 billion dollars EXTRA, either in the police budget or,a special item, then we will all know that the government is serious.

If the government is not serious, then that will be the time for firearms owners to consider looking at their legal options.