Clive Palmer annoys all of Australia, does his money

The second most satisfying outcome from Australia’s federal election is knowing that Clive Palmer blew $60 million without winning a single seat. quote.

“Schadenfreude”/????d(?)n?fr??d?/: Pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune.

Forget how Clive Palmer tries to spin it, he won nothing for the $60 million he spent during the election campaign.

For months, Mr Palmer has annoyed millions of Australians with text messages, billboards and advertising trumping [sic] his United Australia Party. end quote.

Clive Palmer fancies himself as another Trump. Voters disagreed.

Palmer’s spend-a-thon was as astonishing as it was irritating. One of his ads ran for an entire ad break. It was impossible to turn on the telly, listen to the radio, drive down the street, even watch YouTube videos, without being blasted by the barge-arsed blowhard. All I can say is thank god he didn’t take pointers from the Danish pollie who’s been advertising on Pornhub. quote.

He is also being accused of hiring models to man polling booths yesterday.

But as the dust settles on an election result no one saw coming, Mr Palmer has come up with nothing.

His party is set to miss out on a Senate seat, even in Queensland where his vote was expected to be the highest. end quote.

By contrast, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party not only ran on an oily shoestring but was hammered repeatedly by a hostile media which launched an extraordinary series of hit-jobs on the party. Palmer’s deep pockets got him nothing. quote.

In the lower house, his candidates won 3.4 per cent of the vote nationally. In Queensland, his party was easily outvoted by One Nation, which received 8.4 per cent of the vote compared to Mr Palmer’s 3.5 per cent.

His party didn’t contest the 2016 election, but in 2013 they polled 5.49 per cent nationally and 9.89 per cent in Queensland.

This election he has won 389,888 votes across Australia, at basically $150 per vote.

But in better news he’ll get $2.75 per vote back from the Australian Electorate Commission — just under $1 million all up. end quote.

Maybe he should have had a little flutter with Sportsbet.