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Memo to Golriz Ghahraman:

It is difficult to take you seriously when all the grievances you choose to highlight are duplicated through your own bigotry. And what is even more concerning is you are so oblivious to this. Being in denial of your shortcomings may make you feel safe and secure but it exposes you to ridicule.

You, and you alone, are responsible for the negativity coming your way, simply by the way you single handily encourage antagonism by attacking sectors of society in broad brush stroke generalisations. The latest exhibit of this trait is your endeavour to link David Seymour’s comment “I just think that Golriz Ghahraman is completely wrong, I don’t know if she understands what she’s saying, but she is a real menace to freedom in this country”, to white supremacy.

He is expressing an opinion which he regards as valid. Clearly, you don’t. You are both politicians for goodness sake. If that is the worst comment to come from a politician this year then hell will freeze over

Smoke & Mirrors

What Golly G seems to forget is that we all have a right to free speech.
What she needs to remember is that no one has the right to be taken seriously. Her previous tweets are pretty outrageous but I hope she keeps tweeting – then everyone will know what she is