Crybaby of the week

Thomas, finds the word GUN on number plates upsetting.

Where is your capitalist spirit Thomas? Don’t hand in your number plate for a free swap from the NZTA, sell it at a premium price to someone who loves guns.

People uncomfortable with the word GUN on their car’s number plate can have the plate replaced for free.
The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) issued 999 standard GUN prefix plates in 2013 and does not plan to withdraw them.
However, after the mosque shootings in Christchurch on March 15 in which 50 people died, it will replace them for free if asked.


It is hard enough to get a decent personalised number plate these days. I was lucky and got my name when they first became available. If anyone out there has a Willow plate that they would like to sell please let me know as it would make a great 21st present for someone I know.

In the meantime why don’t we amuse ourselves getting offended about other licence plates. Can I hand mine in for free if it has the letter combination POO02? what about DICK3?= or SLAG2? If GUN is offensive well then that opens up a huge can of worms…CUM69, TWAT5..