Diversity: strength or scam?

“Diversity” is one of the dogmas of the modern left. The left so axiomatically worship at the altar of “diversity”, that Tucker Carlson was pilloried – and his family terrorised in their home by a violent leftist mob – for merely questioning the dogma that “diversity is our strength”.

Perhaps one reason the left is so dictatorially committed to enforcing its diversity dogma is that it’s just a nice little earner. But do the leftist sinecures known as “diversity officers” actually achieve anything? quote.

A recent study conducted by professors at Baylor University in Waco, Texas suggests there is no “significant statistical evidence” that chief diversity officer positions on college campuses result in their intended effect at all. end quote.

“We are unable to find significant statistical evidence that preexisting growth in diversity for underrepresented racial/ethnic minority groups is affected by the hiring of an executive level diversity officer […]”

“With faculties less diverse than their student bodies, universities have sought programs and policies designed to better increase faculty diversity. Advocates for greater diversity have argued that a higher-profile executive-level Chief Diversity Officer, preferably one who reports directly to the university president, can more effectively promote and encourage diversity at the highest level of university governance compared with lower level diversity-focused offices and organizations such as multicultural and diversity centers,” the study states.

[…] we are unable to find evidence that preexisting patterns in diversity hiring are altered by the hiring of an executive level diversity officer at the faculty or administration hiring level,” it adds. end quote.

But hey, who cares, so long as some otherwise unemployable leftist is able to rake it in, hand over fist? quote.

In an article published last summer, Campus Reform highlighted how much some chief diversity officers make. The article explained that “on average, each [diversity-related] administrative position, generally identified as some variation of a chancellor, provost, or dean, earns $175,088—though at least 15 such officials earn well over $200,000 annually, including two administrators who earn more than $300,000 annually.”

The article states, “In total, state flagship universities spend a combined $7,528,821 annually on such administrators, enough to pay the average tuition (based on the combined average for out-of-state tuition) of 257 students.”

As Campus Reform also reported last year, a community college in New York was in search of a chief diversity officer, ready to pay the right person a 6-figure salary. end quote.


Of course, there’s also an even more sinister possibility. Perhaps “diversity officers” aren’t really meant to increase actual diversity at all? What if the real purpose of “diversity officers” is as campus inquisitors? When Lindsay Shepherd was subjected to a Stalinist inquisition at Wilfred Laurier University, naturally the school’s “acting manager of gender violence prevention in the university’s Diversity and Equity Office” was the one to interrogate her.

As the intellectual atmosphere on our campuses grows ever-more suffocating, the last thing they should have is a cashed-up, gimlet-eyed Congregation for the Defence of the Leftist Faith, ready to hand out auto-da-fés at the slightest whiff of heresy.